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VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic laywoman took a stand against women’s ordination during the Synod on Synodality this week, earning applause for defending the Catholic vision of womanhood in opposition to discussions of an ontologically impossible female priesthood.

Citing reports from two synod members who were present during the speech at the Paul VI Audience Hall in Vatican City, the National Catholic Register (NCR) reported that a Catholic laywoman blasted any suggestions that women might be ordained to the priesthood. Female ordination has become a topic of discussion at the synod and has drawn massive outcry from Catholics concerned about upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church.

In her speech, the Catholic laywoman emphasized the Church’s traditional teaching and “underscored the importance of motherhood, both biological and spiritual, for understanding what it means to be a woman from a Catholic perspective, drawing on the importance of Mary, the Mother of God, as the paradigm of womanhood.”

The female speaker, whose identity has not been made public due to the synod’s rules governing confidentiality but is reportedly a mother herself, earned “loud applause” from the assembly for her three-minute speech, NCR reported.

According to the report, one synod participant said the woman’s speech was “profound and real,” and that a different speech advocating for female priesthood had conversely been “militant.”

“Following the laywoman’s speech, the source saw ‘people smiling… joy on lots of people’s faces, maybe relief on some others,’” NCR reported.

The Catholic Church has always held that Holy Orders are reserved for men.

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Pope John Paul II declared unequivocally in his 1994 Apostolic Letter Ordinatio sacerdotalis “that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”

Responding to a dubium submitted by a group of five cardinals seeking clarity on the intentions of the Synod, Pope Francis recently affirmed that “the priesthood is reserved only for men” while pointing out that the male exclusivity of the role doesn’t imply “denigrating women and giving supreme power to men.”

The Holy Father said the Church’s teaching on the matter as expressed by JPII “is not a dogmatic definition, and yet it must be adhered to by all.” He added that the subject can nevertheless “be a subject of study, as with the case of the validity of ordinations in the Anglican Communion.”