LONDON, April 26, 2002 ( – Richard Lynn, Emeritus professor of Psychology at the University of Ulster, has written a book suggesting that modern reproductive technology calls for society to re-think its condemnation of eugenics. “The general principle of eugenics, that we could improve the genetic quality of the population, needs taking seriously,” says Lynn.

“The new medical technology of eugenics is going to take off, because it satisfies the needs of individuals, both for themselves and as parents. Parents would like to have children who are free of genetic diseases, and potentially in the future they will want to have children who are intelligent. This is serving people’s needs and wishes. As the technology comes on line to allow them to do this, people will take it up,” argues Lynn.

However, the eugenic maneuvers of the Nazi’s were condemned because they experimented on live human beings and attempted to eliminate those they deemed defective. In the exact same way research on human embryos and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis results in the elimination of defective embryos and experimenting on and killing of live human beings. Pro-life observers note that just as with Nazi experimentation, where Germans were led to devalue the lives of the Jews since they were not regarded as fully human, so too society today has been convinced to regard the unborn as not fully human.

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