Leaked emails: Top Canadian aides intentionally released misleading COVID data regarding masks

Cabinet-level political aides of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party released misleading figures regarding N95 masks, as an apparent cover for a shortage of supplies.
Wed Feb 24, 2021 - 3:22 pm EST
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February 24, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Leaked emails show that cabinet-level political aides of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party purposefully released misleading figures regarding COVID medical supplies, specifically N95 masks, as an apparent cover for a shortage of supplies.

According to a Blacklocks Reporter article dated February 22, figures regarding masks were exaggerated to include defective masks, not disclosing that many were out of date.

The emails show that in the spring of 2020, Liberal aides took the time to calculate how to present to the media and public the maximum numbers in terms of inventory for COVID medical supplies.

Leslie Church, the chief of staff to Canada’s Public Works Minister Anita Anand, email shows that figures for masks in inventory included those that had expired.

“Here’s the thinking. We are planning to talk about having received 5.3M N95,” Church wrote as shown by the leaked emails. “This figure undoubtedly includes a number of unusable N95s. To mitigate this, we make clear on the table that these numbers are subject to testing. We can asterisk this further in this category.”

Emily Harris, director of communications for Anand stated in a leaked email from April 23, 2020, that they “don’t revise based on testing results.”

“Inventoried does not mean tested. So, yes there is a bit of a lag as the Public Health Agency literally counts the products and then they get tested. And we still have situations where reporters ask about defective goods,” wrote Harris.

“What this does is present one unified set of numbers that presents the truth as it stands on X day.”

Recently, leaked emails from Dr. Marcus Powlowski, Liberal M.P. for Thunder Bay, showed that he was unhappy with his party’s initial response to the COVID crisis last year.

Powlowski was frustrated with how the Trudeau government initially handled the COVID-19 crisis and concerned over the slow procurement of medical supplies, masks, and ventilators.   

“Am I going to say something to my own government, to my own party, when I have health concerns of my constituents in mind? Damn right I am,” said Powlowski.

The federal government came under fire in the early days of the COVID crisis for being unprepared. It was found out that a lot of the medical equipment in storage was old and unusable and had been tossed before the crisis began.

Reports showed that around 2 million N95 masks along with 440,000 medical gloves were thrown in the trash in 2019.

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In addition to an email from Leslie Church, a May 20 email from Sabrina Kim, who at the time was Trudeau’s director of communications, also appears to show that a deception of numbers was taking place.

“I am not sure why we continue to say 11m N05s [sic] received, and then only indicate at the bottom in a tiny footnote that the vast majority of them are faulty. Seems a bit deceiving!” wrote Kim.

Over 20,000 deaths have been ascribed to COVID-19 in Canada since the spring of 2020. With a population of around 37 million, that means around .05 percent or five one-hundredths of one percent of the population have been killed by the virus.

In Canada, most deaths attributed to the coronavirus — around 80 percent, according to official government statistics — are in those of advanced age in long-term-care homes. 

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