OTTAWA, May 6, 2003 ( – A confidential document on Liberal government letterhead was sent Friday to Liberal members of the Justice Committee considering the question of same-sex ‘marriage’.  The document, a copy of which was acquired by LifeSite, says that the government has no choice but to legalize homosexual ‘marriage.’  The paper, written by the Liberals’ research branch, rejects all the compromise suggestions being considered by the government and suggests recent court rulings have excluded the possibility of retaining the status quo.  The paper notes that “Three provincial courts (British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec) have ruled that the federal common-law definition of marriage – “the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others” – violates the constitutional right to equality of same-sex couples under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. All three decisions are now under appeal. In all likelihood, the highest court in the country will agree that this definition based on heterosexuality is unconstitutional.”  Ruling out a compromise measure the paper asks: “Should the federal government follow Quebec’s example and set up a civil registry?”.  It responds: “No. The creation of such a registry wouldn’t settle the basic problems of equality and justice, which are at the heart of the matter.” And further that: “Given the jurisdiction of provinces and territories in the matter, some would argue that the creation of such a registry does not fall within the jurisdiction of the federal government.”  The paper also dismisses unloading the marriage issue to provinces and churches saying that churches require cooperation of the government regarding marriage registry.  The paper also reveals the clearly biased pro-homosexual ‘marriage’ stance of the drafters as it says: “The recognition in law of same-sex marriage is about fair play, equality, inclusiveness, and justice, values that are consistent with our government’s commitments.”  Once again, the federal Liberals are using activist judges and exploiting the Charter of Rights to by-pass the democratic process and impose controversial law on the Canadian public and the country’s institutions.  The recent BC Appeals Court ruling which gave the federal government until July 12 to legalize homosexual ‘marriage’ is online at:   The text of the memo is reproduced on LifeSite at: