WASHINGTON, June 9, 2005 ( – The US Senate, after two years of Democrat filibustering, approved the lifetime appointment of Justice Janice Rogers Brown, a pro-life candidate to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Justice Rogers Brown’s appointment has angered all the right people. With irony hanging thick in the air, Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy said, “She has inserted her radical views into judicial opinions time and time again. She is the definition of an activist judge, the sort of person President Bush would say he would not nominate.”

The Democrat filibuster, a parliamentary tactic that allowed unlimited debate, by their own admission, was to block potential candidates who would break their well-entrenched pro-abortion and anti-family grip on the US judiciary. The Christian Coalition of America on the other hand commended the Senate for breaking the leftist stranglehold.

Roberta Combs, President of the Christian Coalition of America, highlighted the irony of the liberal Democrats as they attempted to block a black woman whose political views differed from theirs. “Left-wing Democrats should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for putting obstacles in the way of successful blacks and Hispanics and for voting against this American success story.”

President Bush himself said, “During her tenure on the California Supreme Court and California Court of Appeal, Justice Brown has distinguished herself as a brilliant and fair-minded jurist who is committed to the rule of law.”

Most heartening to pro-life activists who have long struggled with the militancy of an ideologically pro-abortion judiciary was the condemnation of Rogers Brown’s appointment by the National Abortion Federation. Vicki Saporta, President of NAF resorted to personal insults, saying Rogers Brown is “not qualified for a lifetime appointment. Her own state bar association, the California State Bar, found her unqualified for her position on the California Supreme Court. She has even gone so far as to describe her colleagues’ judicial opinions to be ‘bizarre,’‘schizophrenic,’ and ‘lame.’”

The irony of the Democrat opposition to Justice Rogers Brown is even thicker than usual after yesterday’s comments from erstwhile Democrat presidential candidate, Howard Dean. Dean, now the Democratic chairman, excoriated the Republicans for racism saying, “The Republicans are not very friendly to different kinds of people. They’re a pretty monolithic party. They all behave the same and they all look the same. It’s pretty much a white, Christian party.”

GOP Party Chairman Ken Mehlman quipped dryly, “A lot of folks who attended my Bar Mitzvah would be surprised.”