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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon explains how the left is guilty of neocolonialism by pushing the sexual revolution on African countries, while the media falsely accuses the political right of doing the same.

Jonathon begins the program by exploring the mainstream media’s relationship with leftist ideology.

He says that “virtually every single arm of the media” has now taken a side in the culture war, and as such, people can no longer take into account any bias the media would otherwise have had, citing the media’s coverage of LGBT issues and the Ukraine war as examples. According to him, as people realize that the media has an agenda through their coverage of certain issues, they begin to see it in all of their coverage.

The media, Jonathon further contends, acts as the propaganda arm for the sexual revolution, always attempting to explain reality away, double down on a position, and use heightened rhetoric, even though trust in the media has been collapsing. 

It is in this context that Jonathon explores the issue of the left’s neocolonialism in the sexual revolution, citing two news stories – one from CNN, the other from the Guardian – on anti-sodomy laws in Africa.

Looking to the CNN article, Jonathon explains that the outlet ran a story which made it seem as if two men were set to be executed for being same-sex attracted in Uganda. Noting that everyone would agree that it would be unjust to execute men for what attracts them, Jonathon points to the context that X, formerly Twitter, gave the story as part of its community notes function.

According to the context given on the social media platform, one of the men was accused of having sexual relations with a disabled man, while the other was accused of committing a sexual act with a 12-year-old child.

Contrasting the difference between the context given to the story on X and the CNN headline, Jonathon states that the difference between the two is “enormous” and invites listeners to consider that the mainstream media has put forward similar narratives for years, shaping public opinion through carefully-worded headlines, through what could be left out of stories, and through what stories they emphasize.

“What they’re doing is they are attempting to bring the public to the sexual revolution, to curry favor for their ideological causes, to demonize their opponents,” says Jonathon. “They are doing this to us on purpose, and they’ve been doing it for a very, very long time.” 

Turning his attention to the Guardian piece, which claims that the “American religious right” was behind the recent stream of anti-sodomy laws in Africa, Jonathon points out that Africans are generally more socially conservative than Americans. According to him, it is “brazen” for the Guardian to claim that the presence of American evangelicals is the cause of the new slew of anti-sodomy laws on the continent.

He also explores several other claims made in the piece, including that the “American religious right” is banning books and LGBT “pride” flags, and thus that evangelical preachers are attempting to use their “domestic level strategy” in Africa.

“This is not just ridiculous; this is obvious propaganda,” says Jonathon. “It is the precise opposite of what’s actually happening.”

Referencing the work of Austin Ruse of the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM) and the work of Nigerian human rights activist Obianuju Ekeocha, Jonathon explains that organizations such as the United Nations (U.N.) are attempting to redefine “human rights” to include issues such as abortion, using terms such as “reproductive health” in treaties and documents to avoid offending Africans. The U.N. also promises aid to countries so long as they accept contraceptives, demands for legalized abortion, and demands for “Western-style sex education.” 

“The brazenness… of this level of gaslighting is almost impressive, but I think it needs to be called out because it’s another example of why nobody trusts the press,” says Jonathon.

“I think [there are] real implications to nobody trusting the media, and I think it’s a problem. But when the truth is that rich Western countries are pushing the LGBT agenda [and] abortion [on] developing countries, promising them cash in exchange for their souls, but the headline is … ‘a handful of evangelical preachers run Uganda now’… this stuff needs to be called out.”

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