Thursday January 14, 2010

Legal Consultant to Vatican Denounces US Safe Schools “Czar”

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 13, 2010 ( – Helen Alvaré, a George Mason University* professor and consultant to Pope Beneditct XVI’s Council for the Laity has penned an article calling out the Obama administration for selecting Kevin Jennings, a highly controversial homosexual activist, as the White House’s “Safe Schools” Czar.

“Every presidential administration in Washington DC does some things that appear stupid in hindsight,” wrote Alvaré about the decision to tap Jennings for the position, in a column posted on the Culture of Life Foundation website. “In our 24-hour-news-cycle world, and especially if we’re sophisticated news consumers, we simply discount the importance of poor presidential decisions and move on, even as we might grow incrementally more cynical over time about government in general.

“The banality, even inevitability of yet another misstep out of Washington, however, shouldn’t be allowed to stifle our sense of outrage when it’s warranted.”

Jennings is the former executive director of the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), an organization that promotes homoesexual-inclusive education from kindergarten through high school. He first came under fire when it was revealed that, as a school adminstrator, Jennings had simply advised a boy of about 15 or 16, who described to him an anonymous sexual encounter with an older man, to “use a condom.”

News broke more recently that, as head of GLSEN, Jennings helped design Massachusetts sex education conferences in 2000 and 2001 that gave instructions on dangerous homosexual sex practices that included “fisting,” earning the scandal the title “fistgate.” The conference, attended by students between the ages of 14-21, included handouts of fisting “kits.”

Jennings is also a self-avowed admirer of Harry Hay, a homosexual activist of the 1980s who promoted pedophilia.

“Take no meaning from the title “Safe Schools” czar,” wrote Alvaré. “It means whatever its inventors claim.

“In the present case, it seems to mean safe from the influence of those opposing the early and degrading sexualization of minor children.”

Alvaré noted that “The appointment of a ‘czar’ like Kevin Jennings is one way in which President Obama can ensure the influence of homosexual-rights-activists in important places – like our nation’s public schools – without the president’s having to pass a law, or even hold a Congressional hearing, both of which might generate public attention and opposition.”

“That Jennings’ influence in the Department of Education might promote the early or inappropriate sexualization of children is apparently not as important as what Jennings’ appointment might do in the way of smoothing relations between President Obama and the Human Rights Campaign,” she added.

This power dynamic in favor of radical lobbies, said the Georgetown professor, ends up leaving the average Americans’ beliefs on such topics out in the cold.

“Groups like Planned Parenthood, GLSEN, or another frequent government partner – SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S) — have little in common with the average American’s beliefs about sexual morality,” wrote Alvaré.

“For such groups, the body is a tool, an object to be managed to maximize physical pleasure while minimizing disease and pregnancy. The materials they publish for adolescents can only be described as depressing and dehumanizing.

“Watchdog groups and citizens are vitally necessary in order to expose these groups, and the government programs and bureaucrats who would partner with them.”

Alvaré urged readers to contact the administration to voice their opposition to Jennings’ appointment.

“One of the outcomes of the current tempest over Kevin Jennings should be his ouster,” she wrote. “But surely another should be a demand that the government get out and stay out of the business of instructing our children about human sexuality in ways that degrade them specifically as children, and also as human beings.”

*Correction: Helen Alvare is a profesor at George Mason University, and not Georgetown, as had originally reported.

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