LYNCHBURG, Va., Mar 11 (LSN) – Rev. Flip Benham, the director of Dallas-based Operation Rescue, will turn 50 behind bars in April while serving a six month jail sentence for organizing a protest at a public high school in Lynchburg.  Rev. Benham and his attorney were astounded by the unprecedented severity of the sentence for trespassing.  Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney Bill Petty described the incident as an “almost-assault on the school” in justifying the sentence.  A federal judge in Dallas last month upheld a $10 million judgment against Rev. Benham and other anti-abortion protesters for picketing outside an abortionist’s home for nearly a year.  Benham was personally ordered to pay $170,000 of the award.  Further,  Operation Rescue is named in a civil lawsuit scheduled for trial in Chicago next month.  Currently, the National Organization for Women and abortionists are in court asking a federal jury to force pro-life leaders to pay for any damages that an abortuary may undergo, suggesting that the committedly non-violent pro-life groups are responsible for violent attacks on abortuaries and their personnel.