Lesbian “Co-Mothers” must be Included in Birth Registry Ontario Judge Rules

By Hilary White

TORONTO, June 7, 2006 ( – The Globe and Mail reports that an Ontario Judge has ruled that Ontario birth registry must include both members of lesbian couples, or both “mothers”Âof children conceived through artificial insemination, and not the child’s natural parents.
  Justice Paul Rivard of the Ontario Superior Court said that the requirement to list the natural parents causes lesbian couples unjustified “pain and hardship,” and would leave the impression that “there is something wrong or unnatural about their families.”
  Lawyers representing the women in the case said that the ruling represents a last frontier for the homosexual agenda. Lawyers Martha McCarthy and Joanna Radbord told the Globe, “Although the case addresses one of the very last issues of discrimination against gays and lesbians in Ontario law, it is also probably the most important of all to lesbian mothers.”
  Ontario’s Vital Statistics Act specifies that the terms “father” and “mother” must be included in a Statement of Live Birth. Since the imposition of homosexual “marriage,” however, the government has been scrambling to remove such “heterosexist” terms from all its statutes.

The government argued that it is impossible to have two mothers and that the “father” on the statement has to be the biological father.

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