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LATHAM, New York (LifeSiteNews) – An upstate New York fertility clinic is being sued by a same-sex couple after one of the women was impregnated with a boy instead of a girl.

The woman who carried the child said the mistake was “just like rape.”

CNY Fertility Center in Latham, New York – the clinic which supplied Buffalo residents Heather and Robin Wilhelm-Routenberg with the IVF treatment – apparently confirmed to the women that the child they were purchasing was guaranteed to be female, per their request.

Using Robin’s egg and donated sperm, the lab reportedly stated that it could determine the sex of the newly created child before implanting the embryo into Heather’s womb, but a 15-week scan showed that the lab had erred in its determination and that Heather was carrying a baby boy.

In comments to the New York Post, Heather said that upon learning of the mix-up she “flipped out,” feeling as though her “body was taken hostage.”

“[He] was put there against my will, just like rape,” Heather said of the pregnancy which she had elected to carry out. She wondered whether the clinic had mistakenly implanted someone else’s child.

“[It] felt like there was an alien living inside of me,” she stated.

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PETITION: Pray that Hungary passes child protection referendum (against LGBT propaganda)
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On April 3rd, Hungarians will go to the polls to decide whether to re-elect Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz-Chrisitan Democrat (KDNP) coalition or to elect a coalition of leftist parties, now led by a wayward "Catholic," Peter Marki-Zay, who says he would allow homosexual "marriage."

On the same day, the country will decide whether or not to approve a momentous child protection law, already passed by parliament, which would protect children from being sexualized by LGBT propaganda in schools and by pornography in the mass media.

Please SIGN and PLEDGE to pray that Hungary will vote to protect its children against the onslaught of LGBT indoctrination propaganda and pornography.

Since passage of the bill, the fake news outlets from Europe to America have predictably lied about the contents of the bill, and attempted to manufacture outrage about the same. And, the corrupt European Union also joined the attack on Hungary's efforts to protect children.

But now, the Hungarian people will have their say. And, they need our prayerful support.

Please SIGN and PLEDGE to pray that Hungary will vote to protect its children against the onslaught of LGBT indoctrination propaganda and pornography.

The law specifically prohibits showing pornographic material or content portraying homosexuality or transgenderism to minors under the age of 18. Other measures include a registry of sex offenders, regulations on sexual education, and stronger policies against child pornography.

Who could be against these proactive, common sense measures to protect the innocence of children?

Peter Marki-Zay, and the left-liberal bloc he heads, is against the law, and has said that his leftist coalition will "immediately repeal this terrible act," if elected in April.

But, thankfully, the vast majority of Hungarians actually support the law.

In a recent survey, 69% of Hungarians said they disagreed with Marki-Zay when asked if the Child Protection Act should be repealed.

Now, let's provide the prayerful support Hungarians need, and beg the Lord to inspire them to get out and vote to protect their children.

Please SIGN and PLEDGE to pray that Hungary will vote to protect its children against the onslaught of LGBT indoctrination propaganda and pornography.

Thank you!


'Hungary announces referendum on law against LGBT promotion, pedophilia' -

'Top EU court rules Hungary, Poland can be stripped of funding for opposing ‘LGBT’ agenda' -

'The majority of Hungarians oppose Péter Márki-Zay’s plan to repeal the Child Protection Act' -

'Hungary passes law against homosexuality, prime minister renews vow to ‘protect our children’' -

'Hungary bans promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism to minors' -

'EU to take legal action against Hungary’s anti-pedophilia bill' -

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Following their outrage, the couple’s physician floated the idea of aborting the child, but the women decided against killing the baby.

Instead, the clinic launched an investigation into the origins of the error, during which time Heather said that she had “no connection to the baby inside.”

After seven weeks, the clinic informed the couple that the child carried Robin’s DNA and thus belonged to her genetically.

“I was so furious. It felt like a deep betrayal. How the f*** do you mess up that bad?” Heather told the Post.

Upon the boy’s birth in December 2020, the two women were reportedly unable to bond with him, with Heather stating that even touching her son “sent electric shockwaves” through her body and elicited “extreme anxiety,” including “several incidences of suicidal ideation.”

Part of Heather’s objection to bearing a male child was down to her own experience of assaults, she said, as well as “the socialization of boys” which “reinforces masculinity,” she complained.

Bearing a baby girl “wasn’t a preference, it was a need,” Heather stated.

Despite an initial coldness towards the boy she gave birth to, Heather now believes that he is “a lovely kid,” and she is grateful to have him; however, she blames the clinic for her inability to “be emotionally present for him” from the very beginning, saying “our son deserved that bond from the start.”

As a result, the couple are now reportedly suing the CNY clinic on 11 separate counts, “including breach of contract, medical malpractice and battery,” the Post reported.