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February 4, 2019 (C-Fam) –Seventeen-year-old transsexual Jazz Jennings celebrated his castration with a “penis cake” that he gleefully cut into pieces as his friends and family cheered.

This was just one of many oddities and outrages discussed at a Heritage Foundation panel last week that featured radical feminists in opposition to the powerful transgender ideology that seems to be sweeping the country and especially schools.

Lesbian Julia Beck told her story of getting kicked off the LGBTQ Commission in Baltimore for the “violence” she perpetrated. She refused to use female pronouns for a jailed male rapist. The man continued to rape female prisoners in the women's prison he was sent to. She was forced off the commission by the chairman, a man who presents as a woman and considers himself a lesbian. The contempt on Beck's face was palpable when describing a man who thinks he's a lesbian.

Jennifer Chavez of the Women's Liberation Front read the testimonies of several mothers whose daughters were stricken with what has come to be known as sudden onset gender dysphoria. One mother described her daughter's overnight transition from a “sweet loving girl” to a “foulmouthed hateful pansexual male.” Though diagnosed with ADHD, depression, and anxiety, doctors only wanted to help with this girl's “transition.” Her mother was forced to meet with a transsexual counselor who told her she had to accept her daughter's new identity. Her daughter moved to Oregon where doctors performed a double mastectomy and a radical hysterectomy. She said her daughter is now homeless, living on the street, and suffering from mental illness.

Dr. Ryan Anderson, author of When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment, hosted the conference. He said, “Gender identity is based an individual's inner sense of being a man or a woman or both or neither. It exists along a spectrum, and can be fluid, it's entirely arbitrary and self-disclosed, and rather incoherent. As it is not at all clear what is means to feel like a woman, or how I would know if I felt like one, or why my feeling like a woman, whatever that might mean, would make me a woman. And as a result, if gender identity becomes a protected class in federal civil rights law, there will be serious negative consequences.”

This was a common theme at the panel. “Gender identity” has no real meaning. Kara Dansky, a lawyer associated with the Women's Liberation Front, said the issue is “not about the law but about the intellectual bankruptcy of gender identity ideology and the importance of language. No one really knows what these words mean. All definitions of gender identity either reinforce sexist stereotypes or are completely tautological.”

Both male and female homosexuals point out the “regressive” sex stereotypes associated the trans ideology. Boys who may be feminine are now considered trans-girls. Girls who like blue and to climb trees are considered trans-boys. This panel of self-proclaimed radical feminists blanch at such stereotypes. Their movement has fought against them for decades.

The panel was organized at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank because no left-of-center group was willing to host it. The speakers are part of a larger movement called “Hands Across the Aisle,” conservatives and liberals making common cause on this one issue, saving boys and girls from the trans ideology.

Lesbian Julia Beck finished her talk nearly in tears saying, “I am here because I care about women and I suspect you do, too.” The packed house of conservatives cheered.

Published with permission from C-Fam.