By Hilary White and Steve Jalsevac

TORONTO, March 13, 2008 ( – Ontario’s education minister has hired a “homophobia” watchdog, Dr. Karen Mock, an expert in hate crimes, to monitor Ontario schools.

At the general meeting of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association earlier this week, Kathleen Wynne, a lesbian and homosexual activist, announced that Dr. Mock would be working to address “gender-based violence, sexual assault and homophobia issues” at schools.

“In 1996, [Conservative Ontario premier] Mike Harris expunged the word ‘equity’ from ministry documents,” Wynne said. “We have to introduce that so that teachers, parents and kids can function in this diverse society.”

Karen R. Mock, Ph D, is a researcher with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and the national director of the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada, an organization that has aligned itself with the homosexual political movement as part of its association with the leftist inspired interpretation of “human rights”.

The website of B’nai Brith Canada says, “Utilizing the League’s crisis response model and guidelines for community action, coalitions are formed and information shared on an ongoing basis to increase joint action against racism and anti-Semitism. Assistance is offered to aggrieved vulnerable groups including the Somali and the Gay & Lesbian communities.”

A major strategy of homosexual political activists has been to equate its goals with those of the US Civil Rights movement and the various organizations combating anti-Semitism, thus identifying themselves as an aggrieved class equivalent to racial minorities.

Hiring an equity officer for schools, said Wynne, was part of the Ontario government’s “Safe Schools” programme for which $43 million has been allotted for additional social workers and psychologists in schools.

Catholic schools have increasingly come under government scrutiny under suspicion of being hostile to the government’s insistence that homosexuality be accepted and taught as though it were the equivalent to racial differences and subject to “discrimination”.

Some Catholic schools in Ontario were criticised when they refused to participate in a questionnaire put forward by Canada’s foremost homosexual activist organization, EGALE, to assess whether they were conforming to the new requirements to tolerate the “gay lifestyle”.

The Toronto District Catholic School Board said this February that it will decline to participate in the EGALE school survey that probes students’ opinions on homosexuality and the level of acceptance of it at their schools.

Wynne was appointed to her position by Catholic Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty. McGuinty also appointed another openly homosexual MP, George Smitherman, as the province’s Health Minister.

The Ontario Premier has openly flaunted his strong support for both abortion and homosexuality while maintaining that he is a practising Catholic, attending mass and speaking at Catholic schools and other institutions. The province’s bishops have not called him to account for these serious violations of the faith and have, with rare exception, even refused to make any public comment on the issue.

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, in open opposition to Catholic teaching, has been a strong supporter of homosexual rights. It has gone so far as to join in an internationally reported legal action that forced an Oshawa Catholic school to permit a student to bring his homosexual lover to the school prom.

There is known to be a significant homosexual sub-culture within some of the Ontario Catholic school systems. The province’s school and Church leadership has been notably reluctant to address the issue despite many impassioned appeals from dismayed parents and faithful teachers over the past few decades.

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