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August 21, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Statistics show that women who identify as “lesbian” become pregnant at a much higher rate than “straight” women and “homosexual” men are impregnating women at a significantly greater percentage than heterosexual men.

A Minneapolis Star Tribune graphic visually illustrates the disparity:


The pregnancy rates are verified by studies in several nations, all showing that homosexual pregnancy rates are two to seven times higher than heterosexual pregnancy rates. And pro-homosexual organizations acknowledge that “unintended pregnancy is huge in the LGBT youth world.”  

Additionally, both male and female homosexuals are significantly more sexually active than heterosexuals.

The Federalist's Glenn T. Stanton noted that with the pregnancy rate among homosexuals as much as seven times greater than heterosexuals, “That’s a great deal of pregnancy-possible sex going on among teens and adults who are supposedly 'born that way' to want non-pregnancy-possible sex.”

Stanton continued, “We must ask what’s going in the emotional lives of these individuals that has them behaving in such a hyper-sexualized manner? What emptiness are they seeking to fill? Their own dignity and well-being demands honest investigation, free of ideological assumptions.”

Drug and alcohol abuse before and during sex was rampant among LGBTQI youth, according to the statistics, especially among males.

Homosexual activists blame the promiscuity/pregnancy stats on outside influences, such as societal rejection, peer pressure, and a non-accepting home environment. Others point to insufficient sex-ed for gay youth.

To help solve the problem of LGBTQI promiscuity and pregnancy, legislators went to Planned Parenthood. Government officials gave the nation's largest abortion conglomerate $18 million to reduce pregnancies and STDs among homosexual youth in nine states.

Conservative critics complain that not only is the government's answer simply to throw money at the problem, but to throw money into the hands of the organizations that promote promiscuity.  

Teenwise Minnesota, a pro-gay organization tasked with promoting sexual health, discovered the promiscuity/pregnancy disparity when student surveys included a question asking students about their “sexual orientation.”