LONDON, Ont., February 14, 2003 ( – A London boy’s natural mother, who is now a practising lesbian, is applying to have her lesbian partner made a third legal parent. The two lesbians, apparently with the natural father’s support, made the request of Justice David Aston of London Family Court.  The boy, who is 2 years old, appears set for a confused and possibly tragic upbringing. “I have two momses and a daddy,” said the boy, as he pushed a toy truck outside the courtroom. The evidence is overwhelming that a stable mother-father household is the best environment in which to raise happy, well-adjusted children.  A local pro-family group, the Alliance for Marriage and Family, wants to intervene in the case to present the evidence and bring attention to the public issues raised by the case. Jack Baribeau, its spokesman, said, “There are so many potential consequences that reach far beyond one individual family. … We recognize there are lots of other scenarios, but the law has an role in setting ideals. If that is going to be changed or challenged, it needs to be open to debate.”  For local media coverage: