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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Conservative Party of Canada MP and leadership candidate Dr. Leslyn Lewis said attacks on Canadian farmers via so-called net-zero targets are like “sorcery” and a real cause for concern for Canada’s future food supply.

“It’s agriculture, what is being attacked. And that’s why I believe that there’s an agenda,” Lewis said during a recent campaign stop speech.

“This whole net zero … nobody is ever asked to define net zero. And that’s what the farmers are fighting over right now,” she added.

Lewis noted how, as an example, “you eat a piece of steak, that steak, the carbon footprint is calculated by every single thing that that cattle consumed up until you ate it, and then the fact that you ate it, that what the carbon footprint is.”

“And so, the nitrogen in the soil, the feed, the transportation of the feed, everything is calculated. And then they do an equation and then they say it’s not sustainable.”

Lewis said net-zero farming practices is what happened in countries such as the Netherlands and Sri Lanka.

“And the problem is, is that even for agricultural production, where farmers have gone to even zero tillage, and has invested in technology, and they thought that that would have been enough, and that’s what the government in Holland said, that would have been enough, then they changed the rules and they said, no, it’s not enough, all that money you invested, I’m sorry, it still doesn’t meet net zero,” Lewis said.

“And that’s the problem because the net zero calculation is almost like it’s sorcery.”

Lewis before has blasted the current cancel-culture crusade against red meat by pushing bugs as a source of food.

In a recent campaign blog update posted on her website, Lewis wrote, “Mega corporations shouldn’t be buying up all our farmland. Governments shouldn’t be interfering in how we farm. Bugs are not beef. Let’s stand up for farmers and protect our food security.”

Lewis also noted how the green push to force a phase-out of abundant oil and gas reserves is hypocritical considering what the elites are trying to promote as substitutes.

“When you look at an electric car, and if you’re going to do a net zero calculation on an electric car and you look at … a cobalt mine or a lithium mine, and you look at the degradation of that and then you look at the fact that five-year-old African children are working in those mines,” Lewis said.

“And then you look at the battery in an electric car and how it gets disposed of afterwards and the years that it would take to break down that battery, and you do a carbon footprint on that, you would see that that is far more damaging than agriculture.”

Lewis said as prime minister she would “secure” Canada’s “food supply.”

“It’s key to our national sovereignty, and the literal health of our country,” Lewis wrote.

“A Lewis-led government will always stand up for Canadian farmers and our agriculture sector.”

The Canadian federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pressing ahead with an attack on Canadian farmers by pushing forth an agenda that would force them to reduce the amount of nitrogen-based fertilizer.

Trudeau’s climate plan includes provisions to decrease nitrous oxide emissions, which the government says mainly come from farmers, in Canada from its 2020 levels by 30 percent by 2030.

The Great Reset of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (WEF) has as part of its agenda the promotion of eating bugs to replace beef, pork, and other meats that they say have high “carbon” footprints.

In recent days, there has been an unprecedented uprising of farmers in the Netherlands opposed to green policies.

Lewis: ‘Great Reset’ is not a conspiracy but real

In a recent blog update, Lewis noted how the WEF “was never a conspiracy — it was an actual book written by the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, about how to usher in a ‘green economy.’”

“We have watched leaders around the globe — like our Prime Minister — operate in lockstep and proclaim that COVID has given us a great opportunity to ‘reset’ and reimagine our economic and social future,” Lewis wrote.

“I will stand against WEF policies that undermine our sovereignty, erode our freedom, and attempt to shape our destiny into their post-nationalist state.”

Lewis noted how the idea that a group of “elites could go around the world ‘penetrating’ political democracies and concluding that ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’ goes against the values of free enterprise and sovereignty that built Canada into this incredible country.”

Lewis, who is against COVID jab mandates and extreme lockdowns as well as “cancel culture,” said that she isn’t “aware of any Conservative that is a part of the WEF,” including perceived frontrunner CPC MP Pierre Poilievre.

“I have been shown several videos postulating that Mr. Poilievre’s campaign is a shill for the WEF and I can say that it goes against what I know of Mr. Poilievre who has never given me any reason to doubt his commitment to this country,” Lewis noted.

Lewis promised that as the leader, committing to making sure her MPs “not attend WEF conferences” is a given, but she will go further.

“A commitment that Conservative MPs will not attend WEF conferences is a given, but doesn’t go far enough to guarantee Canadians that we will shun any global organization that attempts to undermine our democracy,” Lewis wrote.

“I will go further by challenging the WEF net-zero policies that negatively affect our farmers, that dictate climate change policies that impoverish citizens while not reducing emissions, and that will control every aspect of our lives through the digitization of our economy.”

Lewis is the only pro-life candidate in the running for the CPC leadership. She has been firm in her opposition to unrestricted abortion and is the only one endorsed by Campaign Life Coalition.

As for Poilievre, he is pro-abortion. Last year he voted against a bill that would have banned sex-selective abortion in Canada.

The CPC will elect a new leader on September 10.

Stop Trudeau’s Reckless Climate Plans That Could Spark Food Shortages! Contact your Canadian MP & Senators NOW.