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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Leslyn Lewis, Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP and leadership candidate, said Canadians, especially politicians, need to have real conversations around abortion and euthanasia.

“I believe we need to talk about how we are treating the people who have yet to be born, and those who are facing death. And we can only do that if we value and respect the dignity of everyone in between,” Lewis wrote in a new blog posted to her website.

Lewis noted that she believes in “respectfully challenging those who claim that life never matters before birth and can be ended after birth when it’s convenient.”

She noted how she is “disturbed at how often they show no dignity to anyone at any stage of life.”

“I am pro-life, I believe that life is sacred, and that every life should be treated with equal value, dignity and respect,” Lewis wrote.

Regarding euthanasia – or the lethal injection of sick people – Lewis wrote, “Our government has relegated the disabled and those experiencing trauma as an inconvenience and has deemed their life to be worthless.”

“In the past year, we have seen the slippery slope of euthanasia turn into a cliff,” Lewis continued.

She noted how in Canada “it takes less paperwork to kill someone than to provide housing for those in need.”

Lewis: Politicians have ‘silenced’ the pro-life movement with pro-abortion catchphrases

In Lewis’ blog, she went after politicians whom she said “hide” behind the often-used statement that they are for “women’s choice.”

“You see, the last few decades politicians have silenced the pro-life movement, and to a large extent women. They have done this with one simple statement: ‘I believe in a woman’s right to choose,’” Lewis wrote.

“It is, frankly, too easy to hide behind this talking point. Because it doesn’t tell voters anything about whether you believe in abortion at nine months, even if the mother’s health is not at risk, for example. And if these politicians were honest about believing in a woman’s right to choose, why haven’t they fought to entrench those rights into law?”

Lewis wrote that these are the types of “questions that we must ask all politicians.”

“They should be accountable for their statements and tell us what they mean by ‘a woman’s right to choose.’”

The Canadian federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pushed a pro-abortion and euthanasia agenda on Canadians for years.

In fact, on the day before thousands of Canadians defended life in the nation’s capital at the 2022 March for Life, Trudeau announced millions of dollars in funding to pro-abortion groups.

Euthanasia was legalized in Canada by the Liberals under Trudeau in 2016 with Bill C-14.

Other Canadian politicians have spoken out against Canada’s ever-loosening euthanasia laws.

Recently, Maxime Bernier, the head of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), said those pushing euthanasia on the vulnerable should be held “criminally responsible” for their actions.

CPC leader Erin O’Toole said he was “pro-choice” and refused to talk about abortion or other life issues.

Pierre Poilivre, the current frontrunner for the CPC leadership, also has stated he is for women’s “choice.”

Lewis is the only pro-life candidate in the running for the CPC leadership. She has been firm in her opposition to unrestricted abortion and is the only one endorsed by Campaign Life Coalition. The CPC will elect a new leader on September 10.

Lewis recently spoke at length with Jordan Peterson on her Christian upbringing as well as how and why she got into politics. She told Peterson that Trudeau is “one of the big champions” of the Great Reset theory.