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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Conservative Party of Canada MP Leslyn Lewis thanked her supporters for her third-place showing in the party leadership race, saying the country now has strong opposition to “push back the decline of our democracy.”

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness and support that I’ve received from all over the country, across regions, ages and backgrounds. It has far exceeded expectations and surpassed the support I received in 2020,” wrote Lewis.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to those who came to my events, those who donated, volunteered, and helped collect and drop off ballots. I could not have done this without an army of volunteers and supporters.”

MP Pierre Poilievre on Saturday won the leadership of the party, taking home 68 percent of the vote on the first ballot. Lewis came in third with an impressive 9.7 percent, behind Jean Charest at 16.07 percent.

Lewis congratulated Poilievre, saying he will make a “strong leader not only for Conservatives, but for all Canadians.”

“Pierre has my full support and confidence,” she said.

Lewis noted that Canada now has a “strong” opposition to take on the ruling Liberal party under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to “push back the decline of our democracy and can restore our foundations as a country.”

“We must, and we will, confront the challenges ahead with courage, wisdom and compassion,” Lewis wrote.

Canada’s Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) said Lewis showed “that pro-life conservatives continue to be a major and irreplaceable portion of the CPC base.”

CLC president Jeff Gunnarson praised Lewis for running a great campaign.

“Lewis was always openly pro-life during this campaign. She made clear a pro-life vision for Canada where every single person, including those existing in their mothers’ wombs, are treated with true dignity and respect,” Gunnarson said.

“By running a principled and unapologetically pro-life campaign, Lewis has moved the yardstick by leaps and bounds for what it means to be a pro-life politician here in Canada.”

As for Poilievre, Gunnarson noted that “although he continues to support abortion, promised free votes for MPs on matters of conscience, to promote the choice of adoption, and to defend pro-life crisis pregnancy centres from Liberal attacks.”

Lewis ran on campaign of faith, freedom and family 

Lewis, who ran a campaign on faith, freedom and family, said she was “proud of what we achieved together,” and believes “we’ve strengthened the spirit of hope across our country in the midst of the many divisions and challenges confronting Canadians right now.”

“Running to lead our party and our country has been the privilege of a lifetime, and this experience has only strengthened my love for Canada and my resolve to fight for our collective inheritance. I will continue to wholeheartedly serve Canadians as a Member of Parliament and as a strong member of the Conservative Caucus, under the leadership of our new leader, Pierre Poilievre,” Lewis wrote.

Lewis noted that during her campaign travels she was “touched by the stories many of you have shared with me with tears in your eyes.”

“Conservatives will be united in their love for Canada. We will win the next election … and may God bless Canada.”

Lewis was not shy in speaking openly about abortion and euthanasia during her campaign, as well as state her objection to vaccine and travel mandates.

She recently spoke at length with Jordan Peterson on her Christian upbringing as well as how and why she got into politics. She told Peterson that Trudeau is “one of the big champions” of the Great Reset theory.