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Stop Trudeau’s Reckless Climate Plans That Could Spark Food Shortages! Contact your Canadian MP & Senators NOW.

OTTAWA, (LifeSiteNews) – Conservative Party of Canada MP and leadership candidate Dr. Leslyn Lewis warned that Canada will face a “food shortage” should the country push ahead with the Liberal Party’s green policies which attack Canadian farmers.

“We are heading directly for a food shortage unless our government starts supporting our farmers,” wrote Lewis in a platform blog update this week.

“As a nation that has prided itself on being an agricultural giant, we should not be facing the kind of food shortages that other countries around the world are experiencing.”

Lewis recently said attacks on Canadian farmers via so-called net-zero targets are like “sorcery” and a real cause for concern for Canada’s future food supply.

The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pressing ahead with an attack on Canadian farmers by pushing forth an agenda that would force them to reduce the amount of nitrogen-based fertilizer.

Concerning food shortages, Lewis noted that in the early days of COVID many “people talked about how it was a wake-up call to prioritize food security.”

“People talked about the importance of shopping local and supporting Canadian farmers so that we would never face the supply chain issues we did in early 2020,” wrote Lewis.

But the Conservative Party leadership contender said that Canada’s federal government under Trudeau has “thrown all of that out the window.”

“Instead, the Liberals used COVID-19 as an opportunity to push their virtue-signaling green agenda and further attack our farmers, weakening the industry. And when Net-Zero policies were already threatening to cripple the industry around the globe, now the Liberals are making Canadian farmers pay for the war between Russia and Ukraine,” she wrote.

Lewis noted how no other G7 nation besides Canada has “a national carbon tax” nor have they put “a tariff on nitrogen fertilizer from Russia.”

“Those governments understood that with the amount of planning that goes into farming, it would take time to adjust. There simply wasn’t enough time to protect this year’s crop and feed people if they started what amounts to fining farmers for fertilizer purchase orders that were placed a year before the war had even started,” wrote Lewis.

Lewis said the Trudeau Liberals have “prioritized optics over good policy and didn’t provide an exemption for this year’s crop.”

“This will have devastating impacts on the cost of living and food affordability,” she added.

Lewis noted how some solutions could have been brought forth to help farmers, such as using Canada’s abundant natural gas reserves to produce local nitrogen.

“There are times when incompetence looks very much like a deliberate attempt to dispossess individual farmers and concentrate food production in the hands of mega land owners and even the state. Either way, our farmers are paying the price of short-sided Net-Zero policies, and soon that cost will be transferred to you – the consumer in the form of high food costs and shortages,” wrote Lewis.

“It’s time to wake up to reality, and secure our food supply chains. Our farmers have fed us for countless generations and they have always been good stewards of the land. It’s time we had their backs. Our country won’t survive without them.”

Trudeau’s climate plan includes provisions to decrease nitrous oxide emissions, which the government says mainly come from farmers, in Canada from its 2020 levels by 30 percent by 2030.

Dr. Joseph Mercola in a recent opinion piece wrote that looming  food shortages are not happening by accident. He referenced the “Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System,” document published by The Rockefeller Foundation July 28, 2020.

Mercola explained that the “Reset the Table” document “describes how they intend to seize control of the food supply and the supply chain under the guise of ‘equity,’ ‘fairness,’ and ‘environmental protection’.”

“One key to this enterprise is data collection. They want to collect data on everyone’s spending and eating habits. Expanding broadband access is part of that,” he added.

The high cost of food forces many to flock to food banks in record numbers

As it stands today, Canadians are already facing huge price increases in the cost of food due to rampant nationwide inflation spurred on by massive money printing.

While the government places the food inflation rate at 8.8 percent year over year, many staple items such as chicken, and some vegetables have increased in price by over 20 percent.

The high cost of food no doubt is one of the main reasons Canadians have been flocking to food banks in record numbers.

Food Banks Canada CEO Kirstin Beardsley said the summer of 2022 may very well be the worst summer Canada’s food banks have ever witnessed.

“You’ve got more people coming through the doors because they aren’t able to put food on the table for their families, you’ve got fewer people in the community who are in a position to give — they might not need a food bank but their budgets are stretched,” Beardsley said.

Lewis is the only pro-life candidate in the running for the CPC leadership. She has been firm in her opposition to unrestricted abortion and is the only one endorsed by Campaign Life Coalition. The CPC will elect a new leader on September 10.

Stop Trudeau’s Reckless Climate Plans That Could Spark Food Shortages! Contact your Canadian MP & Senators NOW.