Less than two weeks into the new year, the number of babies killed by abortion tops 1 million

Worldometers website provides estimates of the staggering totals.
Fri Jan 12, 2018 - 5:57 pm EST
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This display represents 100,000 babies killed by abortion, which is a fraction of the number of unborn children killed throughout the world in the first two weeks of 2018. SPUC

January 12, 2018 (SPUC) — The numbers are horrific.

A digital counter is illustrating the horrifying scale of abortion around the world. Already, less than two weeks into 2018, over 1.2 million babies have been killed by abortion.

The Worldometers website has real-time counters showing dozens of different statistics, including births, deaths, and public expenditure. It also has one for abortion. On 11 January 2018, the number passed 1.2 million, meaning the one million mark would have been passed in the morning of Tuesday 9 January. The number increases every second or so, each one representing the death of an innocent unborn child. 

The website uses data from the World Health Organisation, which estimates that there are 40-50 million abortions in the world every year, corresponding to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. These figures are disputed, as the WHO's recent worldwide report, produced in consultation with the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, has been accused of "wildly inflating" the number of illegal abortions taking place in developing countries.

Stark reminder

However, while the statistics may not be completely reliable (and bear in mind that although Guttmacher might exaggerate illegal abortions, it doesn't include those caused by abortifacient contraception), the counter serves as a stark reminder of the vast scale of the slaughter of the innocents happening across the world.

SPUC CEO John Smeaton said: "It is truly staggering to think that already in this year, which has barely begun, over a million lives have been lost to abortion. On this, the 51st anniversary of the founding of SPUC, it spurs us to work harder than ever, in co-operation with all like-minded organisations, to put an end to the evil of abortion, both here in Britain and around the world."

Reprinted with permission from the Society for the Protection of the Unborn.


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