Letters to the Editor April 4, 2009 - Obama/Notre Dame, Development & Peace

Fri Apr 3, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

Re: ND/Obama affair

I note that in your stories on the ND affair you refer readers to the fine Cardinal Newman site and petition. Its stunning success is a source of wonder and praise.

I’m not sure if you’ve taken note of the petition and materials of the unofficial alumni association, Project Sycamore,, which was organized several years ago in the wake of the startling decision by Fr. Jenkins to authorize the student production of The Vagina Monologues.

While our focus has been on alumni and other members of the extended Notre Dame family, we urge everyone concerned with Catholic higher education in general and the future of Notre Dame to join us. This episode will end. The question it raises so dramatically is whether Notre Dame, the flagship Catholic university, will continue down the path of secularization or whether those in governance will finally decide that it is more important to be Catholic than it is to be acclaimed by secular academe.

William H. Dempsey
The Sycamore Trust
Arlington, VA

First of all, I’d like to say, " keep up the good work ".  I appreciate the emails and information.  It’s comforting to know there are journalists who can inform us about topics not covered by the mainstream media.  Hopefully these topics will be covered by the mainstream some day, so everyone will know the truth.
I am quite disturbed by the responses in your letters to the editor.  How selfish of the reader who thinks Notre Dame is a private University.  It’s a Catholic University.  Just because you are an alumni from a University does not give anyone the right to decide it is a private matter.  It is a Catholic University.  It is a Catholic matter.
Here is a quote from the LI Catholic newspaper :
The instruction for US bishops’  on " Catholics in Political Life "  that " Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions. "
To me this is a very clear message that President Obama should not be speaking at Notre Dame University.
Catherine White
United States of America

I would like to make it very clear that as a practicing Catholic I 100% support President Obama and I find it HIGHLY offensive that your organization would publicly criticize him.  I don’t recall this amount of criticism over the slaughter in Iraq, presided by our former president.  I guess those killings are second tier to you.  Keep this up and I will definitely find a new church for my family.

Leslie Tomlinson
The Woodlands, TX       

Thank you for calling out Notre Dame on their honoring of our anti-life president.  I never thought I would ever be ashamed of the university I attended, but I am now.
I graduated from Notre Dame in 1970.  Since then I have joined the Presbyterian Church of America and, although I am no longer a Catholic, share the Catholic Church’s position on the evils of abortion.  Annually I stand side by side with my Catholic friends during Life Chain Sunday.
The university’s actions sadden, disgust, and shock me.  May God have mercy on those who made that decision and may He who can change the hearts of kings, change the heart of our president and of those at Notre Dame who apparently have lost their way.

Richard T. Faber
New Braunfels, Texas


Re: Notre Dame Graduating Student Marissa Comments on Obama Commencement
As a Mother of 7 teenagers (who will NOT be going to Notre Dame!!) I have only one question. . .would you be "thrilled by the idea" of Adolph Hitler coming to speak at your beloved Notre Dame?    As you analyze and question everything surrounding his "words of encouragement" - just replace his name with Hitler’s - this is how yours and my generation will be judged.
Suzanne Siadat
Gilbert, Arizona

Dear Marissa,

The cross is hard to bear, but we have to take it up even it ‘ruins’ our graduation. Jesus will carry most of it.

My friend’s daughter, Katy D. is also graduating. Her family and she are prolife activists. They have literally blocked the abortion mill door with their bodies. Think how she feels about having a president who seeks to kill more children  be honored and ruin her graduation? For what? For being in cahoots with the KKK- Planned Parenthood, the number one killer of children?

Katy may not even show up to receive her diploma or she will protest during it, knowing her.

Why aren’t you planning to join the protests? Look at an actual abortion at and get back with us and tell us what you think of it. I dare you to look.

Leeta v. Buelow
Michigan, United States


RE: Development and Peace

Thanks for publishing the letter to the editor with the breakdown of funds used by development and peace ( It seems to be a political slush fund for the enemies of the church, and surprise surprise, funded by Catholics around the world.
Please continue to keep us all abreast of Development and Peace and their response.
Sean Ollech
Prince George, BC

Fifteen years ago I stopped my "Share Lent" charitable donations to Peace & Development because it had turned into a social activist organization giving very little attention to anything Catholic (how could it? as a partner of Canada’s CIDA agency it wasn’t about to call itself Catholic and thus jeopardize its receipt of secular funding) but was promoting all the trendy "politically correct" activist causes so dear to the hearts of social activists.

C.L. Kaller
Kelowna, BC

Thank you so much for your info on development and peace. I am praying that these two bishops show some courage and begin to shepherd their flocks. This fiasco with money being sent to abortion promoting groups needs to be addressed.

Kate Wilson
Manitoba, Canada

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