Re:Evidence Contradicts CCHD's Findings on Accused Pro-Abortion Partner

Dear Lifesitenews,

I just have to say that many people in the pews are aware of these issues with CCHD, because the problems have been obvious for years.  My form of protest is just this – I do not contribute to the CCHD collections.  I am happy to give to secular organizations to help the poor, and to the regular collections which support the Church, as is my duty.  There are, fortunately, many ways to spread God's mercy in the world without contributing to the forces propelling our nation towards socialism.

Mrs. Sonia Sherard-Braa
San Francisco, California, USA

Re: All Public Displays of Christianity Could End with Italian Crucifix Ruling: Legal Expert

The Crucifix and ungratefulness 

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered crucifixes in Italian classrooms to be removed  because they are religious symbols, what is worse, because they are a violation (of the parents’ liberty) and an attack (against the student’s religious freedom).

Were it not for the fact that malice is ascribed to this ruling we would have to brand it as madness, or at least, as deep ingratitude. Let’s look at who is hanging from the Cross: he is a victim of human cruelty who was denied the right to die, as we would say nowadays, with dignity.  Flogged, insulted and carrying a burden since the beginning of his life on earth, especially during the three final years, God-made-flesh did not renounce his torment as it was the payment of the ransom for our souls.

Indeed, the crucifix is a religious symbol which gives evidence of God’s immeasurable love for men. But it bothers some, as it reveals that they do not love Love and that they do not wish to follow the dictates that bring happiness to man. Instead, they decree their own law which is to follow their own will, this being a far cry from loving God above all things and one’s neighbour as oneself.

Clara Jiménez
Murcia, Spain

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