Letters to the Editor for April 21, 2009 - Notre Dame Scandal, Development and Peace

Tue Apr 21, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

Re:: Growing number of bishops leading in the ND scandal

Dear LSN,
As another reader commented before,  there’s been no sign of any California bishops standing up for church teaching.  The list has doubled since that time and there’s still not a California bishop.  I feel shame.  God bless those bishops that are leading as they should be and showing good example.
K. Doerr

Dear Lifesite News,
I believe there are parallels to be drawn between Hitler’s early appeasement of the Church and Obama’s current efforts.
While Hitler planned his final solution, he did his best to pacify the Church. Some of these efforts can be seen in his letters (, such as:
July 22 (1935?)

National Socialism has always affirmed that it is determined to take the Christian Churches under the protection of the State.

The decisive factor which can justify the existence alike of Church and State is the maintenance of men’s spiritual and bodily health, for if that health were destroyed it would mean the end of the State and also the end of the Church.

It is my sincere hope that thereby for Germany, too, through free agreement there has been produced a final clarification of spheres in the functions of the State and of one Church.

Af. Hitler.
Obama, while planning a sharp increase in the number of murders of pre-born babies around the world, is sneaking into churches proclaiming similar half-truths.
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”—George Santayana, quoted by William L. Shirer in his epigraph for his book Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
Bob Du Broy
Ontario, Canada


Re: Development and Peace

Letter to the Editor

When your story broke about D&P funding “partners” in Mexico who work towards the legalization and promotion of abortion my friend wrote to D&P.  Her response was a thanks from Michael Casey for “sharing your preoccupation”.  The tone changed very quickly from that office when people started contacting their bishops. There is something so wrong going on it is almost beyond belief.  Do our Bishops also think abortion is a “preoccupation”?  Each child in the womb is a person…“What you to the least of these….”  Jesus is being killed over and over.

I know the readers of LSN have phoned, mailed and emailed their Bishops.  I urge everyone not to stop.  Please keep up your fervour.  This is not a political ideology, it is a disproportionate evil. D&P have a $20 million annual budget.  Although money is dust in the end, right now it is power in the developing world.  The Canadian Churches are funding the advancement of the culture of death—it even meets the criteria to be called genocide.  We have to stop reasoning about how far removed we are from the act to relieve our conscience of our own culpability.

Why hasn’t this organization been monitored? Why are all but a few Bishops silent or even denying what a simple person like me can find on the internet about these organizations.  Are they afraid?  Do they agree with the decisions their own charity is making?  Do they have too much to do to get involved?  We can’t judge the Bishops or their motives—but we absolutely have to judge these actions. 

The social documents of the Church like Pope John Paul II’s 1987 Encyclical “On Social Concern” stresses that the poor are not just bodies, but they are spiritual and our responsibility is to both feed and to “preach the good news to the poor”.  “Development which is not only economic must be measured and oriented according to the reality and vocation of man seen in his totality, namely, according to his interior dimension.”

 Traditionally the church has catechized and brought Jesus at the same time as looking after the tummies of the poor…Jesus is liberation, freedom and truth.  In the whole world we are starving for Jesus.   But why would this be a priority when catechizing isn’t a priority here?   The result is that Catholics in the West think they can be Catholic AND promote/provide etc. abortion, condoms, contraceptives, same sex marriage, euthanasia etc. 

The uncatechized American Catholic vote tipped the scales in the U.S. electing the most anti-life president in history.  Tomorrow the U.S. senate will vote to overturn President Bush’s conscience protection for health care facilities and workers.  An amendment on April 3rd to protect these rights was introduced and defeated.  It was defeated by Senators who think they can be called Catholic, but be pro-abortion and to take the rights and freedoms of Catholic hospitals and workers to be exempt from these practices that are against their conscience. In Canada our conscience protection is already all but non-existent.

The Bishops have been silent too long. Their own catholic charity thinks it can be Catholic AND forward the killing.  Canadian Catholic money cannot be sent to fund genocide.  Our freedoms are slowly being eroded because of silence. It could happen in the near future that the small number of pro-lifers and understaffed, under-funded Catholic news agencies will not be able to bear the burden any longer of holding off the wolf.  It can happen overnight that we will be unable to practice our faith and we will have to hide bishops. 

Please pray and fast for our Bishops…we have to continue to respectfully implore our Bishops to do the right thing in an impartial third party investigation of all of the funding activities of the D&P….also to teach us from the pulpit without fear.  In these times there is nothing more important than this “preoccupation”.  Unlike health care workers the Bishops cannot be fired, so fight for us!. Also the bishops have to come to be a present at the March for Life.  They have to have the fortitude to teach lead, father and shepherd us in these unprecedented times of the culture of death.

With great thanks and respect I recognize Bishops Collins, DeAngelis and Mulhall for taking a courageous stand…I am sure there are more Bishops, but I have just not heard.

Maryanne Pemberton
Peterborough, ON

Dear Sir or Madame,
Just a few words on your dirty campain against Development and Peace, do you really know the terrible harm you are causing ? And against a great chruchman like  Most Rev Card. Jean-Claude Turcotte?
I am against abortion. But also against your  violent ideology of exclusion.  This is a terrible sin to instrumentalize the Gospel, our Holy Scriptures. And I am certain that justice will prevail and that you will be judge by the same measure you are judging all the others that are not thinking like you.

I will nontheless continue to pray for you all. May our Lord with the Father and tho Holy Spirit open your hearts of stone and your mind !
Fernand M Paquette

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