RE: Among Pro-Life Leaders – Fr. Groeschel, Scheidler – A Real Hope That Obama Will Convert


I too will continue to pray for Obama to convert, but I, like many, do not see it happening soon. It is good for all of us to celebrate Obama being the first black President, but he is also the first post-religion president and the first president to mention non-believers as another denomination when discussing religion. This is troubling to me.

After his first week in office, considering the executive orders he has quickly signed and the allies he has surrounded himself with in his cabinet, it leaves much to be desired. Obama just may be the right man with all the necessary qualities, the perfect storm, to lead us into an age of darkness.  But this time too shall pass as the truth remains the same as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen.

Albert Prado
Otisville, NY


Dear Editor,

Father Benedict Groeschel hopes that Obama ‘will fool them all and have a conversion’. That would save his soul, but do little for the country since he is now prisoner of the machinery he and his associates have put in place.

Jean-Nil Chabot, deacon, Barry’s Bay, ON



About the conversion of Obama: Some few weeks ago Bishop Bernard Fellay instituted a novena of prayers to be said for the Pope to finally rescind the excommunication of the SSPX bishops. The novena was taken up enthusiastically by the faithful and by the end of the novena the announcement from Rome came that the excommunications had been lifted.
Lets us faithful Christians then take up the cause of the conversion of our president. Sign up our faithful Christian fellowship to pray daily for the conversion of our president. I am sure that you could find a pious cleric who could compose a suitable prayer for that purpose, maybe even a pious bishop.

Fabian Maguire


Dear Editor:
I read the remark by the principal in New Brunswick who removed the singing of “O Canada” as part of the school day.  He said,  “It’s not up to me as a school administrator to subject kids to something their parents don’t want them exposed to.”
Does this also apply to sex educataion that contradicts the values that the parents hold?
Rev. Thomas Extejt
Fremont, OH


RE: Why Pro-Lifers (and Everybody Else) Should Read G.K. Chesterton

Dear Mr. Jalsevac,
Thank you for your recommendation of G.K. Chesterton, who is also one of my favorite authors. Interestingly, in your metaphor about an explorer arriving at a supposedly undiscovered land only to find his compatriot lazing on the beach, I detect traces of a similar metaphor from the opening pages of G.K.C.‘s “Orthodoxy”.
You may be interested to know that many of Chesterton’s works are available for free in mp3 format at . Finally, perhaps LifeSiteNews could run an article like this one on the equally (if not more) neglected Hillaire Belloc?
Best regards,
Mariusz Wesolowski,
Vancouver, BC


RE: Exclusive Interview: Leading Vatican Prelate Says Document of US Bishops Partly to Blame for Election of “Most Pro-Abortion President”

How can I contact Cardinal Burke to thank Him for his recent editorial in about the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ document “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.”  When I picked up this document in our “Catholic Update” during the summer at my parish, I felt very disturbed by it.  I thought instantly that it was very misleading. 

I emailed my Bishop and Pastor to no avail.  Nobody wanted to discuss it and the dangers that I believed it represented.  In fact, I am attaching an article in the Trenton Times where my Bishop’s spokesperson actually tells Catholics it’s OK to vote for Barack Obama.  I have been reeling from this since the elections.  I felt the Church let me down.  All along lay people have been fighting for the rights of the unborn and then the Church says it’s OK to make that issue #2?  When we needed the support of our Church they were silent. 

Once again, thank you for seeking this out and please thank Archbishop Burke.
I pray that we can get the full support of the Church both at the Vatican and in the United States in order to fight this terrible disregard for human life and young women.

Roseanne D’Elia
Wall Townwhip, NJ


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