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  The following two emails are representative of the hundreds of emails LifeSiteNews has received from homosexual activists who oppose our alternative news reporting on events and statements related to the homosexual issue. Actually, these two recent emails are not as hate-filled and vulgar as are most of the others, which we cannot publish because of their offensive wording.

  In most of these cases LifeSiteNews has been accused of “hate”, “bigotry”, “slander”, “judging”, violating “Jesus’s rule to not judge lest you be judged” and being false Christians – even when we frequently report on the comments of prominent Christian religious leaders.

  The problem is, as we repeatedly point out to these writers, LifeSiteNews is a news service rather than an opinion journal, although LifeSiteNews does periodically publish editorials on various issues. Even then we emphasize to our writers that we will publish only balanced, respectful and professional editorials – although some readers may not see them that way.

We encourage the homosexual complainants, if they have issues with what we accurately report, to take up their complaints with the researchers, doctors, religious leaders or other persons or organizations whom we quote.

  We also respectfully ask such complainants to more specifically point out where LifeSiteNews has expressed “hate” and note that if such has been the case we would gladly correct the problem. There is never a specific, credible response to the request other than more unsubstantiated, harsh and unjust judgments against LifeSiteNews staff.

  These letters would not normally qualify for our letters section but we include them today to give our readers a sample of the type of emails LifeSiteNews, and no doubt other life, family and social conservative organizations, receive on a regular basis. 

The first writer, Bart Vincelette has sent dozens of emails to  ____________________________________________________

  From: Bart
  Sent: March 12, 2008 4:32 AM
  Subject: Corrections

  I’m encouraged by assistants with a greater sense of generosity than myself , to once again send a brief message , correcting serious and damaging errors in articles appearing online at  There is no such thing as an ex-homosexual. If someone makes such a claim and appears to be heterosexual by behaviour and lifestyle change, they were hetero to begin with.  One can be a different religion every day of the week. One cannot change a characteristic as innate as sexual orientation. One can leave a particular manner of living, but that does not indicate a change in one’s state of being. I have a cousin, who many years ago gave up a very productive life as an eminently educated professor of history and linguistics, to join the Sisters of St. Ursula. None of her prior inherent characteristics disappeared. She simply left humanity for awhile.

  The most common and seriously damaging of the plethora of falsehoods directed at homosexual persons, are that they can change with a discredited therapy of mystic religion and psychological battering, colloquially known as ‘brain-washing’, that they are prone to paedophilia, and are naturally sexual predators. These allegations are absolutely wrong, slanderous, and denigrating. Recognized experts in criminology, sociology and aberrant behaviour, have now demonstrated beyond doubt that regardless of how diplomatic the dissemination of theological opposition to homosexual persons; it is translated as ‘unworthy’, ‘pitiable’, ‘inferior’ and deserving of discrimination and violence. The recent barbaric murders of two gay teens in the US, without any provocation other than being who they are, demands a significant alteration of attitudes by society at large. 2008 and beyond will see an anti-terrorist “surge”, of sorts, with the aim of diminishing the violence faced by homosexual persons, and ignored for the most part, by conservative Christians. This lends additional credence to the adage – “Silence – Death”. We know better than to look to people of faith for any assistance or understanding, ergo, litigation will be the order of the day.

  And, we will win the human dignity and rights that have been denied during the Common Era ( C.E.). It is wrongly assumed by many in countries like Canada, that the redefining of marriage settles the issue for good. Not so. We have endless miles to go before full citizenship is obtained and compensatory actions are in place. It is my hope that you are somewhat amused by this writing, if still reading it, because you have some remarkable surprises in store.

” Non Occides.”

  H. (Bart) Vincelette
  Vancouver, BC

  From: Simon Farrington
  Sent: March 11, 2008 3:32 PM
  Subject: my own website idea in response to your homo-hating commercial.

  my own website idea in response to your homo-hating commercial.

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bound nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ … “

  ~Galations 3:28~

  Christian Fanaticism can be cured!

  Do you misinterpret popular theological treatises for your own purposes? Do you know someone who does? Please contact us at Get-a-Life Productions and we will direct you to the resources you or your loved one needs to overcome ignorance.

  Organized spirituality is civilization’s biggest folly – more people have been murdered over their faith than for any other reason in history, despite the fact that nearly every world faith teaches that, above all else, you shouldn’t kill or hate people for any reason.

  My relationship with any proported higher power is a personal one. I don’t need to rely on an incomplete text that was badly interpreted by a select few misogynistic syphilis-riddled old men who were doing little more than serving the whims of the monarchy of the time.


“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bound nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ … “

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