Letters to the Editor July 7 - Development & Peace

Tue Jul 7, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

Thanks for your great work that you did on the D&P file. Sometimes the truth isn’t popular, even among some of the hierarchy it would seem. As journalists, you exposed a cover-up. That’s your job. You did the right thing.

Had journalists never exposed some of the pedastry that’s been going on, would the hierarchy have addressed it? One wonders….
Thank you,
Dan Morse
Bolton, ON.


Copy of email to Archbishop Weisgerber:

Your Grace,

The response to the D&P scandal is not surprising as I expected this from your end. The attempt by D&P and yourself to tarnish the reputation of LSN is only slightly more surprising.

LSN is even-handed in it's reporting, but uncompromising in its fidelity to the Church's teaching. The attempt to discredit them is not a worthy one. Your recent call for magisterial obedience in this matter does not go over well when it is obvious there is a serious problem with D&P; likewise, accusations of unity being damaged is pointless when unity of faith is absent in this organization.

I have encouraged Archbishop Collins of Toronto to withhold funding to D&P. I have severed my personal and financial relationship with D&P. When, and if, D&P is reformed according to Catholic principles I will gratefully welcome this and reconsider my decision.


Pastor of Catholic parish
Toronto, Ontario


Good evening,

I've been keepin' up on this unfolding scandal from the beginning (thanks to you!) and have brought it up with my youth prayer group in Longueuil, Quebec; let me tell you that I have also, like LifeSiteNews, been taking some heat for bringing the matter into the light!  I'm catholic and as you've noticed in a related story that stirring up "trouble" with liberal Catholics can have serious consequences…

I want to let you know that I value your daily news on life and family issues because it's not amongst Quebec parishes that you hear of such issues…very sad situation indeed as our pastors will someday have to account for this omission.

Please continue telling people the truth. Even if our pastors don't inform us, at least you are.

Vincent Solyak
Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec


Just a short note of thanks for all that you have done in this area.  Please do not give up on reporting the truth.  It is important to people like me who have been asleep for so long, and just believe that everthing is okay coming from the Bishops' office.

I will be taking further action in the form of a letter to all the Bishops in the hope that they will clarify this situation.  If not, it might be time for people like me to peacefully protest this.

If it weren't for people like you I would never know.

Thanks again,
Kim Galvao
Ontario, Canada


Keep seeking the truth in all things… and proclaim it to the world.
It is obvious that the CCCBishops and their minions fear the reporting of truth by LifeSiteNews more than they fear God.  Amazing!  Christ weeps.
This issue should caution all to be diligent when offering financial support to any organization.  We must ensure that any organization seeking our support is, in fact, working in complete harmony with Christ, and not engaged in actions founded on the principles of "liberation theology".
Alexander Black, Orthodox Christian
Mississauga, Canada


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