Re: Updated: Nun Abortion Clinic Escort Reprimanded – Dominican Congregation Apologizes for Scandal

If you believe for one second that the Sinsinawa Domincan religious sisters, the community of the pro abort Sr. Donna Quinn, are truly repentent over the years of involvement of one of their own in the blood trade of abortion, you have been deceived.

I was the president of the parish advisory council at St. Patrick Cathedral  Parish in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2004. I am very familiar with the Sinsinawa Domincan priory and its deep involvement with abortion and radical feminism.

A representative of the Sinsinawa Dominicans was scheduled to come to the cathedral in August of 2004 to give an appeal allegedly for the priory's mission work. A few weeks prior to the date of the appeal, several council members did some research  on this group of sisters, much of it coming form the community's own web site.

We discovered that the Sinsinawa Dominicans were public supporters of abortion (especially through their very public institutional support of the Convention To End Discrimination Against Women  i.e. CEDAW), radical feminism, the gay rights movement, and an assortment of other positions in conflict with Catholic moral teaching. The Sinsinawa Dominicans, as largely revealed by information which they put out themselves on their website, are in sad shape morally.

The parish council pleaded with the then pastor to cancel their appearance at the cathedral since to allow them to ask for money for their causes would be deceptive at best, and fraudulent at worst. We produced an entire file of documents to prove the involvement of the Sinsinawa Dominicans in everything we alleged. The evidence was tight, and was never controverted. But the pastor would have none of it. The then bishop of this diocese also refused to cancel their appearance.

So on a Sunday morning in August of 2004 one of the radical pro abort Sinsenawa Domincans stood at the lecturn in the sanctuary of the cathedral to lie to us and to filch money from the faithful at the cathedral to advance their heretical agenda that includes, among other things, radical feminism and international expansion of abortion on demand.

Sr. Donna needs to be booted out of the Dominicans, and the Sinsinawa community needs to be investigated. The prioress' claim of sorrow over the actions of Sr. Donna, whose actions have been fully known for years, are the sounds of a failed leader who has been caught in her failure and wants to avoid further investigation. Don' t believe it.

Robert J .Gieb
Attorney at Law
Fort Worth, Texas

Recent events have shown that LifeSite News is a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished as you continue to shine the light on stories that are important to pro-life supporters everywhere. Your efforts give us hope, courage and strength.  You are in my prayers.

RoseAnn Opferman
Pittsburgh, PA

One wonders where this nuns's immediate superiors were during the reported six years she has acted as an abortion clinic escort and spouted her abortion rhetoric support for all to hear? Is it any wonder the Vatican has ordered an investigation of American nuns?

J. Murphy
Savannah, Georgia

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