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Wed Apr 8, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

RE: Priest/historian author says, Obama "represents greatest threat today, even more so than Marxist revolution of 1917 with its attack on the family"

Dear LSN,
Thank you for publishing the summary of President Obama’s "accomplishments." He’s done so much in such a short amount of time to advance the culture of death that I’m having a hard time keeping up with the facts. I will pass this on to my friends and family who remain enthralled by the Presidents’ charisma and refuse to learn about what "change" is actually accomplishing.
Please post another summary of the next 50 days.
A. Colomer
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


Re: Leslie Tomlinson’s Letter to editor (Third from top in section Re: ND/Obama affair)

I would like to comment on the short letter written by Leslie Tomlinson who describes herself as a practicing Catholic. She adamantly supports President Obama and threatens that she will find a new church for her family if Lifesitenews does not stop criticizing him. My question to Ms. Tomlinson is this ...... does her Catholic faith support abortion and Mr. Obama’s pushing it in every way that he can? Is the killing of millions of unborn babies second tier to her? I wish with all my heart that all those who call themselves Catholic actually believed in the true teachings of the church. I can understand why she could so easily consider moving to a different denomination. It is clear that her Catholic faith is not very dear to her at all.

Irene Michaud
Saskatoon, SK
"I would like to make it very clear that as a practicing Catholic, I 100% support President Obama."
Supporting Obama 100% means that this person supports abortion (killing innocent human beings).
Abortion is against Catholic teaching.  This person writing the letter is NOT a practicing Catholic.
"and I find it HIGHLY offensive that your organization would publicly criticize him."
Keep up the good work, LifeSite.  REAL Catholics find Obama’s doctrine of death Offensive.
Peter Polk
I refer to the comment made by Leslie Tomlinson that appeared in the April 4 edition of LSN. Tomlinson says and I quote "I would like to make it clear that as a practicing Catholic I 100% support President Obama and I find it HIGHLY offensive that your organization would publicly criticize him. I don’t recall this amount of criticism over the slaughter in Iraq, presided by our former president. I guess those killings are second tier to you. Keep this up and I will definitely find a new church for my family."
I wonder if the writer has realized that by making such a strange connection viz, - "if you continue to criticize President Obama, I will definitely take my family away from the Catholic Church", your readers will be forced to conclude that the writer is anybody but a "practicing Catholic". Consider these reasons:
1. A practicing Catholic, by definition, is one who believes in and worships the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour. Therefore, if one’s human idol i.e. President Obama, was being vilified, it would be totally illogical to threaten to walk away from one’s God to avenge an alleged insult to one’s idol. Isn’t it that by definition and belief that God is far, far higher than a human idol? But clearly the writer holds President Obama in higher esteem and position than Jesus Christ and is therefore threatening to walk away from Him to avenge an alleged insult to President Obama .... So then, to this writer, which one of them is God and which is the idol? If Jesus Christ does not occupy a predominant and eminently higher position than everything and everybody else to this writer, could we believe that the writer is a "practicing Catholic"? Hmmmm….
2. If a simple disagreement between the writer and your institution could cause the writer to threaten to walk away from the Church, and that too, when the Church hierarchy has in no way participated in the discussion, one has to seriously wonder whether the writer is a  Catholic let alone a "practicing Catholic". Would it make sense for one private U.S. citizen to have a simple disagreement with another private (as opposed to a government official) U.S. citizen and threaten to leave the U.S. if the second citizen didn’t alter his or her views? Would one then consider the first person a U.S. citizen at all? One would be of the opinion that as the first person has reduced the importance of being a U.S. citizen to practically nothing, therefore the first person is at heart, not a U.S. citizen at all.. And as Catholics, we are talking of citizenship of the Church which is something that is vastly greater than the citizenship of a country.. So threatening to leave the citizenship of the Church at the drop of a theoretical hat does not reflect on the writer being a possible "practicing Catholic".
3. I should congratulate you on the contents of this letter by Tomlinson. If a disagreement with LSN has made the writer threaten to find a new church, it must be because at least in Tomlinson’s eyes, LSN accurately presented the views of the Catholic Church. Bravo!!
Do continue with the good work.
With respect,
Alfred D’Costa
Mumbai, India

Re: Obama/Notre Dame controversy

Notre Dame is not Catholic.  The name remains because one can take Federal dollars and keep their Identity.  In this case the Feds expect secularization.   Not only that, but the New Order Catholic Church is in support of abortion.  Just follow the money trail.  Hippety Hoppety you will see Feds, grants all kinds of monies.  In programs that teach teens preventive pregnancy with condoms and such.  Oh, yes!  And your hospitals with saints names, whose handbooks give services for all family planning(contraceptives to sterilization and refer for abortion).  Does that sound like pro-life to you?  These hospitals are not being pushed! NO! they just took the money.  St. Vincent De Paul does the same. An organization that went door to door to promote sacraments is now everything but that.

Isn’t it interesting that no California bishop of any rank has issued a statement opposing the invitation of the President to be a commencement speaker.  Do we have any conservative, traditional bishops who are faithful to the tenants of the Church?

Kent L.
SanDiego, California

Re: Dark Ages and allowing "legal, safe" abortion

How irresponsible can you people be?  I thank God I was able to get a legal, safe abortion when I needed it.  This subject is a WOMAN’s personal choice, not to be made by MEN or governments who have no business making it.  You people need to get real and quit demonizing women because of their choice to not bring an unwanted child into the already over-crowded world.  There are already so many unwanted children in foster care, orphanages, etc.  Maybe you should focus your efforts, time and money on those kids already here.  You need to rise up out of the dark ages

Cherie Daniel


Re: Canadian delegation unchanged under Conservatives - still pushing "reproductive rights," opposing sovereignty

Re: the UN Status of Women meetings and the pro-abortionists, I wish to express that I "know" that this was not initiated by Stephen Harper personally - he is a Bible believing Christian, but he can’t dictate to groups or factions against the wishes of the majority of Canadians  who are not Christians.  A Prime Minister cannot dictate moral values to the rest of the 270 members of Parliament, nor can he go against the laws of his country.
Thank you.
Maxine Snow
Nova Scotia, Canada

Note from LifeSiteNews:The Interim report did not charge that the Harper government itself initiated the anti-life, anti-family actions of its UN delegation. However, it did sadly confirm what LifeSiteNews has already repeatedly noted in past reports. That is, the Harper government has still not changed the usual socially radical direction and makeup of the Canadian foreign affairs reps at the UN left over from Liberal government days. To say that after over three years in power the Conservatives cannot influence what is said on Canada’s behalf at the United Nations is quite a stretch of wishful thinking. Also, this is not about moral values. It is about justice and common sense regarding aggressive attempts by Canada, in league with other developed nations, to force abortion and other offensive radical cultural interferences upon vulnerable sovereign nations.

Subject: D&P controversies

I am a pro-lifer. My view of pro-life is to love and respect life from time of conception until God calls us home.
I have read your commentaries and the letters to the editor. Now I cannot stay silent because what I read is not loving according to what Jesus thought us. Jesus thought us to defend and love the poor, to love others as we would like others to love us.
To be a pro-lifer is helping the poor not just in time of emergencies but to support the poor in their struggle to a better life which means the right to assembly to demand better living conditions & just laws, the right to have a government without corruption, the right to vote, the right to live in peace, the right of women and children to be treated as equal, the right to live in dignity as citizens, the right to have education, health services, a safe home, proper food and a good work. Denying this to the poor is promoting slavery, death, war, violence, poverty and corruption.
I support emergency services (food, temporary housing, etc…) and orphanage as there are special circumstances but I also support the work of organization like Development and Peace because it works on eliminating the doers of poverty. I support initiatives that bring life to people and communities. I believe that Development and Peace is a serious organization that is supporting local initiatives that promote life but also educate us on issues that prevent life to flow.
For me, being a pro-lifer is that. Doing otherwise is promoting death. One of the 10 commandments says : "The shall not kill". There are ways to kill. You can kill directly or you can let the killing be done by stopping initiatives that would prevent the killing. The commentaries and actions on D&P work that you promote is like stopping initiatives that would prevent the killing. I tend to agree with one of the persons who wrote you, that it is the work of evil.
Jesus had a special love for the poor and he supported their struggle. He was send to the Cross by his own people because he demanded changes to unjust laws. He demanded justice, peace, love, dignity and full life for all. Bashing on D&P is like sending the poor to the Cross. I hope that it is not what you are trying to achieve because it would be contrary to Jesus’ teachings.
G. Bergen 


RE: Responses to LSN announcement of error of gift subscription notice to current subscribers

We Christians can’t get along without you guys doing this necessary and timely work.  This peace & development stuff has happened before as we old, faithful Pro-lifers know but this time the scandal about them has gotten out to everyone!   With our own website here, people are going to have to give a care about how they act and spend our money!  Thank God for this new venue for us Pro-lifers, now we have someone defending our side of the story.  God’s many blessing upon you all and your families. 
Kathy Bachman

I am really thrilled that someone thought that I would appreciate LifeSiteNews.  I’m subscribed my self some time ago and I’m afraid that if I unsubscribe, that I might be taken off your list.  (Which would be devastating because nothing anywhere provides the comprehensive, accurate, concise, clear and "on the money" news that you do for people interested in maintaining their sanity in an ever increasingly insane world.) Please be assured that I value the most impressive and diligent work that you do—it is much more than that.  For us, your readers, it is invaluable.  No price can possibly be assessed to the good that you do.  I would be a dumb as if my head were cut off, if it weren’t for your news website.

No words can possible express the thanks that I am certain many, many of us feel.
Margaret Beveridge
Kamloops, B.C. Canada

I have been a subscriber for a while and enjoy your news site very much. You have inspired me to write several e-mail letters of protest: 1) to the Bishop of London re: ‘early inductions’ at the Catholic hospital; 2) to Fr. Jenkins at Notre Dame re: Obama and 3) to the CCCB re: D & P. Thank you for all your great investigative work.
With thanks,
Vera F.
Ontario, Canada

Please resume sending me your insightful e-mails.  There is no better way of staying informed.  Your service to the World Pro-Life Community is invaluable especially with our current administration’s egregious and merciless march to death.
James W. Cunningham, Jr.
Brockwell, Arizona

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