Re: Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo Discuss USCCB's Support For Current Health Care Bill


Thank you for addressing the problem of subsidiariy.  I feel this is the key point which will  lead to abortions, euthanasia, sterilization, embryonic stem cell research etc. in health care.   I am perplexed why the USCCB bishops are not addressing this issue to Congress and informing the faithful on this issue as well.  I found this article by Fr. David A Bosnich which might be useful to you.

Patty Palmquist
5033 Arbor Lane
Lilburn, GA


Re: Analysis: The Threats to Pro-Life Values Remaining in the U.S. House Health Care Bill

Agreeing that the current House bill and the various Senate versions are unacceptable as written and since any compromise bill will contain many of these unacceptable clauses, this current session, hopefully, should end without passage of any reform measure.

That being said, the section on rationing from your article “Analysis: The Threats to Pro-life Value…” stirred up the thought that real reform will never happen under the current economic conditions in the USA and the reason is quite simple.  The dignity of life requires that needed health care be made available to all people whatever their circumstances—an anathema to most people who are monetarily better off than the average—the biggest problem being that our law makers are in this group.

Ron Toczek
Libby, Montana, USA


Re: Arrested Canadian Pro-Life Activist Linda Gibbons

Please consider sending a Christmas card to Linda Gibbons. She was arrested on Jan. 20, 09 for attempting to speak with women entering the Scott abortion facility in Toronto.  Linda wants the freedom to be able to speak freely to any woman considering having an abortion.  A panel of three judges will hear Linda's appeal on Jan. 20, 2010 and she will be in prison at least until then.  Linda will not be home for Christmas.  She likes to get Christmas cards when in prison.  Thank you.

Linda Gibbons
Vanier Centre for Women
655 Martin St., Box 1040
Milton, ON  L9T 5E6

Gordon Truscott   
Linda's biographer
Hong Kong

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