Re: Obamacare

To the Editor:

Barak Obama has been treated like a Messiah, by the Media, while campaigning and since elected.  Even as he demeaned the U.S. while flitting about internationally, he was given a free-pass.
It must have been some shock to him therefore when the Media backed-up Fox News, as Obama launched his attack on Fox, in an attempt to silence them.
Perhaps the “Honeymoon” is over.  Hopefully, the many false claims, promises and statements he has made, and the questionable and seriously objectionable characters, with whom he surrounds himself, will now be scrutinized by the Media.
For starters he should be challenged on the claim he's making, that his proposed Health care Reform Legislation provides no Federal Money for Financing abortions.
His legislation HR3200 provides for “the Public Plan,” a Federal agency program to pay for elective Abortions.  By law, a Federal Agency Program can only spend Federal Funds.
“Your Tax Dollars At Work.” 
To give the “Silver-Tongued Devil” his due, Obama told the truth to Planned Parenthood while campaigning.  He committed himself to covering the cost of Abortion in his Health Care Reform Legislation in its “Public Plan.”
He's only lying to the Public.
Edwina and Gene Cosgriff
Staten Island, New York


Re:U.S. Bishops Will “Vigorously” Oppose Health Care if Abortion Concerns Not Addressed

The Roman Catholic Church in the United States would be making a grievous error if it choses to support a government-controlled health care system if it did not fund abortions.  The plain fact is that, once in place, a government can do anything it wants to a government-controlled health care scheme.  Yesterday's promises will be declared to be “non-binding”… and
nothing can be done by citizens at that point to reverse the juggernaut. Look how far government has taken 'legalized abortion' – to the point that partial-birth abortion is now seen as desirable and commendable.

Frankly, I just cannot understand the stupidity of the Catholic Church in the US on this issue.  Any support, even conditional, for such a health care scheme jeopardizes the future safety and dignity of the most vulnerable in society. 

Alexander Black
Ontario, Canada


Re:Bishop Co-Author of D&P Investigation Admits: “I Just Should Have Followed Up more”

Sorry, this is not a correction, but there was no place to check off “congratulations”.  I am so pleased with LSN and with the reporters that sat down with Bishop Currie.

Thank you !!  Please run this story again for anyone that might have missed it.

Regina Rolph
Braeside, Ontario


Re:Abortionist Reflects on Dismembering One Baby While Feeling Her Own Flutter in Her Womb

I was horrified (as I'm sure most LSN readers were) to read the reflection of Lisa Harris of feeling her own child quicken in her womb as she was aborting a baby that was the same age as her own.

Immediately the words of Luke's Gospel came to my mind, “When the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby leaped in my womb.” What a beautiful moment in salvation history it was when these two infants in the womb somehow encountered each other. This passage in Luke reveals to us that the baby in the womb is already spiritually aware.

But, what was this other encounter we hear of from Lisa Harris? Her own visitation upon this pregnant mother is one, not to bring good news and salvation, but death and destruction. The mother of this poor child who was destroyed perhaps also asks now in despair, “How do I deserve this?” And indeed she doesn't.

We can only surmise about the “leap” that Harris felt of the child in her own womb. One wonders if it was somehow a leap of horror or of fear. For sure it was a moment sent by God Himself to draw back this daughter who has gone seriously astray, much to her own detriment and that of many, many souls. And yet, she intellectualizes this moment, denying that inscription of God on her own heart which calls her to repent, even when plunged in such darkness. In this moment of the culture of death, we glimpse again the inverted cross, the anti-gospel, the total perversion of everything good and holy.

Jennifer Schmidt
Baltimore, Maryland


Re:Student President Faces Removal after Allowing Pro-Life Display

I receive “California Catholic” each day on line and find it very informative, it usually covers 3 major stories each day.  Today, an article on 'Tolerance' was featured.  This article, although it covered an event in California, was credited to and written by Patrick Craine.

This certainly should tell us, here in Canada, how is recognized and respected throughout the US and in other countries.

Unfortunately, we in Canada, even the Catholic News community in Canada, do not acknowledge  the professionalism of nor recognize the thorough job these LSN writers do each day in searching out and confirming information from all over the world.

Anne Ashford-Hall
Halifax, NS


Re: Coalition of Catholic Groups Calls for Massive Reform of U.S. Bishops' Social Justice Arm
The only reform is to give nothing to the whole thing.  CCHD is NOT Catholic in any way shape or form. There is nothing to reform. Just get rid of the whole thing. If you put anything into a CCHD collection basket, make it play money from a monopoly game. 

Nancy Vogel
Peoria, Illinois


Re:Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Create Babies Without Men, Women, or Sexual Relations

How strange that our society slaughters naturally conceived, pre-born babies, and then tries to create babies in a petri dish.

As stated elsewhere, our culture has become one of sex without reproduction, and reproduction without sex.

The events of the Flood and of Sodom and Gomorrah were placed in the Bible as examples to teach us, but hardly anyone in authority seems to be listening.

Tishia Jones
Pierre, South Dakota


Re:Irish Priest Blasts Self-Righteous “Holier-than-Thous

To the Editor:

I read this story with great sorrow.  While Fr. Moloney is a Redemptorist priest, he appears to care little for the sacred space of the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, a Redemptorist-run treasure.  People come from all over the world to see this strikingly beautiful church and to pray at its many altars.  One such altar, dedicated to Our Lady, has been the site of many miraculous healings and other life-affirming interventions for decades.

How dare Moloney claim that those who disagree with the virtual cannonization of Senator Kennedy at this most holy place are just “holier than thous” who “lack compassion.”  By his perverted logic, it is “compassionate” to desecrate this place of miracles – wrought through very deep devotion of God's word- by honoring one of the Nation's chief supporters of the murder of innocent children. Abortion is no miracle. It is the absolute opposite, and its proponents should not expect to be honored at a facility dedicated to life.

Ed Burke
Warrenton, VA


Re:Pro-Life Student Forced into Isolation on Day of Silent Witness by School Principal

Dear LifeSite,
I am so appalled at the claims made by principal Cavan in the Peninsula Shores matter with student Rankin that I am writing to all the trustees for the Bluewater school board which I assume oversees the Peninsula Shores school that Patricia Cavan in principal of.
I suggest there be letters to that Board ;
1) asking for disciplinary action  against the principal
2) that an apology be made to the student who was isolated from others
3) that sensitivity training be conducted with Cavan and she be suspended until she completes the training
Minister Wynne should be involved also:  [email protected]
Brian Rushfeldt
Executive Director
Canada  Family   Action

My letter to the Board:
To Trustees Bluewater District, 
I would like to address a situation that I believe requires action from the level of Board in not the Minister Wynne.
I have received a report based upon a story from Bill Henry, Owen Sound Sun Times, on a situation about one student at the Peninsula Shores school in Wiarton who was mistreated, whose rights were violated and who was discriminated against due to her religious views.
There is evidence that a lawsuit could be filed against the principal in this case. When one violates the Charter there is grounds for action. I am in hopes that that action is taken to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again.
The fact that this principal , if what is reported in media, said that the rights to free speech does not apply on school property is most appalling. That woman has violated the very top law of the land if she refused rights to free speech. The charter most certainly applies to schools. There is no exemption for schools and certainly not for bloated egotists like Cavan.
Secondly Cavan makes a claim, in quotes, “school property is not a public place”. She is most certainly wrong again. In fact I believe all funding for that school is public funding.
What action will you as a Board take against the discrimination and attack upon student  Rankin?
I am suggesting to several people that a human rights action be filed in this case, and that Cavan be required to complete a full sensitivity training course before she is allowed to be in a public school again. The principal is lying , if in fact she said “So while absolutely we support the right to free speech in a public space, that's not school property.” She violated the student’s right and she discriminated against this person.
Again I ask will you take disciplinary action against this principal.
Brian Rushfeldt
Executive Director
Canada Family Action


Re:Commentary on October 26 News

We have a Conservative Party in Canada. Unfortunately we have many liberal members inside the party, so it is very difficult to carry out election promises. We have a minority gov't. so the other parties have control.

Dr.Mona J. Zahara
British Columbia, Canada

LSN Comment:So, fundamental principles on crucial issues are ignored and evil is permitted to thrive without any significant opposition by the governing “Conservative” party? Whatever happened to heroism and trusting in God and the power of truth skillfully and confidently presented?