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Fri Oct 23, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

Re: Bishop Says D&P Funds to 'Pro-Choice' Groups Okay if Restricted to Good Projects

Dear Editor,
You must be mistaken in your supposition that the bishops who object to the thorough job that LSN does in reporting the facts about obscure organizations (that in various ways promote the culture of death) also hold that D&P cooperates in their evils to an acceptable degree. It must be granted that absolute purity is impossible in the valley of tears—Jesus approved payment of Roman taxes, while the Imperial organization was obviously perpetrator of many and continuing evils. But if your detractors honestly believed that providing funds to those organizations was morally compatible with D&P's obligation to avoid an undue degree of cooperation in evil, then they could hardly object to the doings of those organizations being publicised. They would have confidence that their doings would stand scrutiny in the light of day fully exposed.
But no. If they object to you providing your readers links to irrefutable evidence of those wrongdoings, it must be because they believe that morally sensitive readers would object to the exact degree of cooperation in evil on the part of D&P that exists. In particular, they must fear that such objection on the part of pure-minded persons might manifest itself in protests, including the refusal on the part of such persons to cooperate any further in the evil that they perceive in the funding activity of D&P itself. What it all boils down to is that D&P is directing piously donated funds into organizations that those who gave those funds would be very unlikely to approve.
This unnamed Bishop, some Canadian Catholic media personalities, and other apologists want to facilitate the flow of this money into dark places and appear willing to participate in hiding from those honest souls who actually provide the funds the truth of where it is going. We must exercise wisdom and charity to avoid suspicion and to accept that this is nothing more (or less) than a stage in the accelerating decline toward moral infantilism.
Robert C. Gordon PhD MBA
London Ontario


I am writing from India. I am at a loss for words and space even if I have them. Let me try. I am in Catholic lay ministry and I need the best coverage to keep me updated to teach and serve others. I subscribe to ALL the leading Catholic e-newsletters but I rate LSN as far superior to all others in every respect.

I am shocked at the hostility you face from Bishops even when you confront them with factual evidence.
I understand your sense of "frustration", but I know you guys will never give up. I have recognized your stand on non-compromise and truth. I praise and thank God that in you He has raised a prophetic ministry and not one simply reporting or copying the news like most of the others.

I wish I could send you money, but I simply cannot, But I can pray with all my heart that our great God bless you always even as He has done in your recent fund-raiser.

Chennai, India


Re: Grandmother, 72, Violently Attacked Outside Nebraska Abortion Mill

One recent morning, my husband and I made a trip to the abortion clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska.   While we were outside the clinic, some journalists arrived with cameras and microphones. Before they went inside, they interviewed two men who were there to pray.  One of them later told me they had asked why he was there.  That simple question stayed with me.  How would I have answered?
I was there to offer hope and help to women about to make a life-or-death decision.  I was there to stand for human rights, as a witness for unborn children who cannot speak for themselves.  I was there on behalf of all women pressured to make a choice and all who have been harmed by their choice.  I was there to defend the dignity and sanctity of human life at every stage.  The staggering abortion statistics were personified as the parking lot filled with clients, ensuring a profitable day for the owner.  Watching his car slip into the garage, I prayed for him… and for all the mothers and babies.  I was there again today. 
NOTE:  The Bellevue clinic has become a hot spot in the abortion debate because it is owned by Dr. LeRoy Carhart, of Supreme Court fame for his efforts to fight bans on partial birth abortion.  He also performed late term abortions at the Wichita clinic of Dr. George Tiller.  I later was told that the journalists were with a group from Australia doing research on abortion around the world. 
Judy Nanfito
Omaha, Nebraska


Re: "Enough is Enough!": Halifax Archbishop "Broken" over Fellow Bishop's Child Porn Charges

As a Catholic I too was hurt the day I heard the news about Bishop Lahey. How?  Why?  But I was reminded, that Jesus was surrounded by all kinds of sinners.  In fact, that's who he came to save, sinners!  He even chose those those who would deny him no less than three times, to lead his church.  Go
figure…   What the Bishop's done shakes my faith in humanity, but not in God.

Alexandra Christie
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Re: Santorum: The Triumph of Socialism in U.S. Requires Destruction of Family and Church

Why would you support/endorse a destroyer of families himself on the other side of the world. Rick's support for Bush's pro-death policies to women/children/civilians in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan and soon to be Iran negates everything else he says and if you endorse him it negates all your work on this website also! Why doesn't Rick blast Obama for escalation of the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Life site news is complicit also in all of this!

Dennis Pacelli
United States

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