As the Media Gurus Lose Share, Send a Donation to LSN in the Name of Alternative Truthful Reporting

Personally I depend on LSN for the whole news and have given up all the mainstream newspapers and TV news. If it's important, it will be in LSN and the internet. The rest is just fluff.
Ken O'Day, chairman,
Rural Research Inst.
Eganville, Ontario

Thank you LSN for the wonderful,riveting, truthful, honest-to-goodness reporting you do! “The inexorable truth of God will find the light of day ! “- to quote Ken Starr.

I am one of your newest readers and followers. 
Dr. Mario Hernando Tobia
Sunnyside, Washington

It's fun watching the little bar graph icon measuring the donations go up every few hours. Fill ‘er up!
A. Danko
Ontario, Canada

Please stop lumping prolife work with anti-gay/lesbian rhetoric and you might get my support.  They are totally separate issues and you lose my support totally, including any possibility of financial support, when you rave against the God-given sexuality of a percentage of my family, friends, faith community and co-workers.  

Theresa Winchester
Ontario, Canada

Editor's Note: Regular readers of LifeSiteNews will have learned that there is in fact a connection between abortion and current efforts to normalize not only homosexuality, but almost all sexual expressions, including, incest, pedophilia and even bestiality. This is largely pushed by the intense, population control and militant secularist movements' attempt to completely separate procreation from sexuality. They even go to the extreme of demanding we accept that there is no real male/female gender identity and that these are merely artificial social constructs.


Funeral Rites Should be Denied to Publicly Pro-Abort Catholics: Vatican Official

After reading the article of Archbishop Burke: no confession, no communion, no catholic funeral, I breathed a sigh of relief. I thought I was the only practicing catholic who had those views. Day after day, I have seen the views of the authority of the catholic church being trampled on, not by the atheists or satanists, but supposed apostles of Christ.

Being 84 years young, I have seen how the 'catholic americans' have turned into the 'american catholics'. I have seen the change occur when the 'Kennedy Camelot' took over in Massachusetts. The Kennedys had Cardinal Cushing wrapped around their little finger. I'm saying this not with malice, I'm saying it as a catholic who saw the changes in the catholic hierarchy distance themselves from the Holy Father's teachings, and look at where the american catholic church is now.

If the catholic politicians don't care what the Vatican says, why don't they just leave the church. I'll tell you why. They want to change the Church of Jesus Christ that has stood for over 2,000 years. One thing I am proud of and that is the church will not change for them.

Thank you for the articles.

Louis T. Luca, Jr.
Haworth, N.J.


Abortion in Health Care “Way Beyond my Field”: Cardinal Mahoney

Dear LifeSiteNews,

My jaw dropped open when I read Cardinal Mahony’s comment that Abortion in Health Care “was beyond my field” and to add insult to injury that the Cardinal believes that the health care reform bills will not pay for abortions because “that’s what the president said.”
In the campaign, Mr. Obama claimed that knowing when life began was “above my paygrade.”
I believe Cardinal Mahony’s comment is the ecclesiastical equivalent.  It is too bad that apparently the Vatican does not have qualified personnel to fill the See of the Diocese of Los Angeles.
Mary E. Copas
United States


Chairman Steele Says Pro-Abortion Candidates “Absolutely” Welcomed by GOP

It would appear that RNC Chairman Michael Steele is taking on a certain “Manchurian Candidate” quality regarding conservative principles in general, and pro-life principles in particular. His method of success is exactly inverted: one does not “open the party to a broader voter base” by abandoning principles, but by promoting those principles more aggressively.

This is the same mentality as governing by taking polls, and provides yet more proof that the Republican Party has become a very untrustworthy means by which to preserve Western civilization and American national sovereignty.

John Ingram