Re: Vatican Newspaper Issues CDF Clarification on Abortion in Wake of Fisichella Controversy and

Major Vatican Victory for Pro-Life Activists as Vatican Newspaper Rehabilitates Heroically Pro-Life Brazilian Bishop

Dear Editor,

The article on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's response to the unfortunate situation created by Archbishop Fisichella in relation to abortion does not do justice to L'Osservatore Romano or the CDF.

The CDF statement includes the paragraph:

“In this article [by Arhbishop Fisichella], which appeared in “L'Osservatore Romano” on March 15, 2009, the doctrine of the Church was presented, while still keeping in mind the dramatic situation of the aforementioned girl, who – as could be demonstrated afterward – had been accompanied with all pastoral delicacy, in particular by the archbishop of Olinda and Recife at the time, His Excellency Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho.”

The latter part of the sentence clearly ackowledges that Archbishop Sobrinho's pastoral actions were appropriate and that is a clear rejection of the earlier comments by Archbishop Fisichella.

The statement then goes on to reiterate the contant teaching of the Church on direct abortion.

Short of announcing some kind of disciplinary action against Archbishop Fisichella, it is difficult to see what further the CDF could do.   Archbishop Fisichella's defence presumably would be that he did state the Church's teaching, he just got the facts of the case wrong.  Not really a reason for disciplinary action.

From the perspective of the L'Osservatore Romano it can only publish what it is directed to publish in this matter, given that the first came at the behest of the Secretary for State and the second from the CDF.

There is enough in the CDF statement to correct any doctrinal misunderstanding given by the Fisichella statement and sufficient to vindicate the original actions by Archbishop Sobrinho.

If there is continued misunderstanding of the teaching of the Church as a reult of this incident, then it is likely to be wilful rather than as a result of what has happened.  The CDF statement is clear and Archbishop Sobrinho is vindicated.

Yours sincerely,

A/Prof Nicholas Tonti-Filippini
Associate Dean and Head of Bioethics
John Paul II Institute for Mariage and Family, Melbourne


Divorce Damages Health and Remarriage Doesn't Help, New Study Finds

 Thank you for the short article on divorce and remarriage. The subsequent health issues mentionend to me are mostly from the root causes of dissappointment,unforgiveness, betrayal,deceit,anger etc.

When I read articles on this subject,I still, after 12 years of being betrayed by an affair and subsequent divorce,loss of house and home (the court awarded her the whole house and most of the belongings because in Australia we have a no fault divorce law) grieve over this, not for myself but for others whom are going through it with a legal system that has no ethical standards or morality.

I myself was extremely blessed by Our Lord Jesus Christ due to having no bitterness now regarding it. I still remember praying, Lord please, for my 5 children and the glory of your name, help me not to become bitter,resentfull or unforgiving. He answered that prayer.

Only in His grace can we survive in these circumstances.

Keep up the good work.

Andy Midelkoop


Re: Interview: Head of Vatican's Liturgical Office says Principle of Refusing Communion is “Charity in Truth”

So, When is this going to happen? I'm tired of waiting as more and more politicians come out for gay marriage, abortion, and any other deviant behavior that is anethema to Church teaching.

Raymond Curiale
Nassau County,


Re: Toronto Archbishop Will Only Allow D&P Funds to go to Groups Approved by Local Bishops

Bravo to Archbishop Thomas Collins for his courageous statement about Development and Peace.  Bravo to all who contacted him and other bishops.  The sensus fidelium through the inspiration of the Spirit has helped bring about a statement of truth and justice for the unborn in the developing world.  Thank you lifesitenews for not buckling under the pressure applied by opposing parties. 

Anne Waggoner
Orillia, Ontario