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Mon May 4, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

Re: Obama at Notre Dame

If Notre Dame doesn"t want to uninvite President Obama, let the students do the courageous thing, when Obama walks in let a trumpetier sound a dirge and all the graduates walk out on Obama and deliver the message of what Notre Dame really stands for as Catholic Universitiy. This will send a message to the President that he’s not a symbolic messiah for the nation and that morality of human life trumps over the political statements of his office that diminish the worth of the holy innocents of babies in the in the mother’s wound.

Frank Gomes
United States

Re: Condom-Pushing, Pro-abortion Stephen Lewis to Speak at Ontario Catholic Principal’s Conference

As disturbing as it is to have Obama speak at Notre Dame I feel it is equally disturbing to have Stephen Lewis speak at a Catholic Principal’s conference.  As someone who is labouring in the Catholic School system to bring about a reign of justice and peace for the unborn it is shocking to see that this man is considered an acceptable speaker for Catholic administrators to listen to.

It is even more shocking that Canadians, particularly Ontarians, seem to be disinterested in this event.  Or perhaps you have not covered any further news on this story?  Thank you for what you do to educate and inform the few that seem to care.

Anne Waggoner
Orillia, Ontario

Re: Development and Peace

Dear Editor:

Thank you for publishing some letters concerning D & P.  It helps to know that there were others who caught on the the true nature of this organization, even starting back in the 1970’s. I recall the criticism of the mis-use of St. Irenaeus’ quote: "The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive" during the Share Lent campaigns, and in the 1980’s a parish visit under D & P auspices of a group from Guatamala who sang songs about armed resistance and class struggle.

For your readers who are surprised by the recent revelations, they could benefit from reading Tony Clarke’s 1995 book "Behind the Mitre". Clarke worked for 21 years as the CCCB’s Director of Social Policy (social justice) before he was sacked. The book is somewhat of an "apologia",  actually revealing a lot about the "agenda" to which Clarke was committed.

Reading Bernard Daly’s "Remembering for Tomorrow: A History of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1943-1993" is also enlightening. I think many Catholics believed that a national conference spoke with the authority of the ‘magisterium’. The limited nature of an Episcopal Conference is well dealt with in JP II’s apostolic letter of July 23/98 entitled "The Theological and Juridical Nature of Episcopal Conferences" (available on the Net).

There has never been anything Catholic about the CCODP. Not one of their projects was ever carried out in the name of Jesus or sought to convey the gospel message to our suffering brothers and sisters. If the organization had believed that "man does not live on bread alone", they would never have received funding from CIDA.

Keep up the work of "exposure" - painful but necessary,

Judy Brown
Maple Ridge, BC

Re: Pro-Life Leaders Worldwide Concerned About Weakening of Vatican’s Pro-Life Stand in Wake of Uncorrected Vatican Newspaper Article

Cardinal Fisichella’s commentary in the 25 March L’Osservatore Romano is a classic example of the perils of saying too much about an individual case.  Certainly, the 9-year-old Brazilian child at the centre of it all deserves a champion.  But the cardinal went beyond that and engaged in legal analysis.  One consideration in his favor is that the English translations that show up in L’Osservatore sometimes have been plagued by inaccuracies.
Didn’t Cardinal Re make a statement in early March that clearly stated the consequences of procured abortion?
D W Atwood
New Glasgow, NS Canada

Editor’s note: the translation that LifeSiteNews relied upon was thoroughly checked for accuracy.

Re: Composing Effective Communications in Response to LifeSiteNews Reports

To  Steve Jalsevac:   I wish to commend you on your article on how best to communicate with religious, political and other leaders.  This is precisely  the kind of direction we expect and need.  Well Done.

Jim Block
McHenry, Illinois

Re: Praise for

You all do the most wonderful job. Thank you so much. There sure is plenty of material, for better or for worse.

Maria Farrell
Queensland, Australia

As the former editor and publisher of a major travel and auto magazine, i find your site and bulletins very dependable and trustworthy.  journalistic integrity is key in the stressful time.  i have about 300 people on my pro-life email network in this region and your work has become a valuable resource for me in keeping them informed.
thank you!

Bill Johnson
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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