Re: Twilight Breakdown: 'Girl Porn' and the Books of Mormon

Just read the Kathleen Gilbert article on Mormons and Twilight.   In short,  a laughable bigoted bilge. I’ve been a big fan of Lifesite,  but this kind of stuff will turn off a large and vibrant population you can’t afford to offend.
If you are really about sanctity of life, sanctity of marriage, and other traditional values,  you will find no greater defenders than members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   I wouldn’t piss’em off, especially with such goofy creations like Gilbert’s.
Dean Paynter
Director of Production and Program Development
KJZZ Television
Salt Lake City, Utah

Editor's Note: the majority of the comments about Mormonism in the article are not Kathleen Gilbert's. They are from former Mormons as well as one from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). The article notes that Meyer, openly acknowledges that her faith has had an impact on the books. “Unconsciously, I put a lot of my basic beliefs into the story,” she has said. The article is not intended to denigrate Mormonism, but to report seemingly credible comments on the Twilight series that may further explain what is behind the very strange series. If there is criticism, it should be directed towards those whom LifeSiteNews quoted.


Re: Development & Peace Apologizes to Pro-Life Group after Legal Threat

I strongly suggest that an important action is missing on the part of Development and Peace: the letter of apology to CLC   is not showing on D&P's website. The same willful misinformation is evident on their website, as there is no mention whatsoever of the CCCB's ad-hoc committee that is to report on the D&P review in October 2010.

These omissions are very important, as they intend to keep their own “troops”, members and donors ignorant of their review and/or apology as much and as long as they can!
I believe Life Site News should insist on receiving a separate apology, as they were singled out even more prominently in D&P's infamous “Questions and Answers” document (“The Controversy: Questioning DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE“), and that apology should be posted on D&P's website Home page ”for all the world to see”, but mainly their misled supporters.

Andrew Tarnowski,
Edmonton, AB.


Re: Rep. Chris Smith to Introduce “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”

As your latest Newsletter shows Rep.Chris Smith, once again, continues to be a beacon of pro-life light in the fight against the liberal, secular, relativistic agenda.

It seems to me to make perfect sense that his proposed bill “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” encompass other items of legislation which strive, in one way or another, to prevent this public funding of abortion in America.

My problem, Editor, is that while I've often tried to get an e-mail address for him, to thank and encourage him, no search engine effort seems to succeed as all I get are “hoops” which are only applicable to American citizens!

LSN is available worldwide, and I rate it as the best, so surely your non-American readers should be able to thank him, and other American politicians, for their good pro-life work?

James Maher
Mullingar, Westmeath

LifeSiteNews Response:

If you are a constituent of Chris Smith you may email him by going to

Otherwise contact him by mail or phone through any of the following three locations:

Washington, DC Office
2373 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
p 202-225-3765
f 202-225-7768

Hamilton District Office
1540 Kuser Rd Suite A-9
Hamilton, NJ 08619
p 609-585-7878
f 609-585-9155

Whiting District Office
108 Lacey Road
Suite 38 A
Whiting Shopping Center
Whiting NJ 08759
p 732-350-2300
f 732-350-6260


Re: Ireland’s Civil Partnerships Bill Signed into Law

I would just like to commend and thank Senator Ronan Mullen, David Quinn and the Iona Institute for their hard work in lobbying against this bill. They ran a prudent campaign.

Credit must be given to the politicians, who opposed this bill. These politicians are deserving of our voting preference at the next election.

Peter O'Sullivan


Re: Catholic Pelosi to Receive Planned Parenthood Award for Stopping Stupak Abortion Funding Ban

I just cannot understand why the Cardinals/Bishops/Priests in America have not only called for, but absolutely demanded the excommunication of this woman?  She is so very obviously anti-Catholic in her beliefs that it beggars belief that no one has taken steps to distance her from our Church.  What is wrong in America?  I live in Australia and follow American politics carefully as we seem to follow you – unfortunately

Colleen Cresswell


Re: Homosexual 'Marriage' is a Machination of the Devil, Argentinean Cardinal Warns

Cities  throughout the world have been  holding gay pride parades for some time to celebrate the lifestyle of Sodom and Gomorrah. Why aren’t our bishops and priests speaking out against these displays of sexual perversion – especially when mainstream media vigorously support them? Carol Coles of the  Toronto Star, for example,  recently told me that it is  the official policy of her  paper not to print letters that oppose the gay lifestyle.

The primary goal in holding gay parades is to acquire a powerful psychological weapon to change society's rejection of homosexual activity and lifestyle into gradual, even if reluctant, acceptance.

Gay parades are about the celebration of unbridled  lust. One  hopes that future public displays of decadent debauchery and sexual permissiveness will not be tolerated.
Paul Kokoski
Hamilton, Ontario. Canada

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