Re: The Card to Protect You from “Presumed Consent” Organ Harvesting  

I wonder if some of the same people who say they support a “woman's right to choose” also support “presumed consent” for organ donation?  
After reading about the organ donation process and some of the testimonies at the Life Guardian Foundation website, I could never, ever agree to organ donation for any of my loved ones.  The organs are harvested while vital signs are intact, and therefore family/friends are not permitted to be with their loved one at the time of death or during the process of dying. 

We cannot agree to let our child/husband/sister, etc. die in such a manner, without a hand to hold, a familiar and beloved voice to pray for them and tell them all is well, without the sacrament of the sick—in other words, without anyone to usher them peacefully into the arms of our Lord at the end of life.  I don't care what kind of “expert” told me that my loved one was dead and couldn't hear me, see me, perceive me at all.

We of faith know that there is a deeper part, an eternal soul, who undergoes an intense battle at the time of death.  We as parents, especially, need to protect our children at all costs and to accompany them into eternity if circumstances bring us to such a sorrowful and heartwrenching prospect.  I read about coercive strategies by hospital personnell and organ harvesting teams, who often try to guilt parents into this barbaric practice.  I thank those mothers who wrote about their experiences and warned the rest of us, because they were indeed coerced at a very vulnerable time. 
Thank you for exposing just a small part of what is happening.

Jennifer Schmidt  
Baltimore, Maryland  


Re: Planned Parenthood Rabbi Given Pulpit at Austin Catholic Church  
Hello from Ireland and may I, once again, compliment LSN on its initiative in trying to investigate the circumstances of this case. We would be totally against giving this forum to any pro-abortion advocate. Ecumenism is one thing, but we have to stand up for the tenets of our Faith, of which Protection of Life, from conception until natural death, is one. 
James & Anne Maher  



Re: Woman Seeks Identity of Anonymous Sperm-Donor Father  

As an adult who was adopted at birth, I can identify with this woman's plight. The lifelong search for self and the accompanying emotional issues are the result of the breakdown of the traditional family unit. When the family is destroyed, so are individuals in society. 
Shawn Goldman  
Toronto, Canada


Re: President Obama Endorses LGBT Youth 'Spirit Day' 
The fundamental problem with Obama's reasoning and the reasoning of others who support the homosexual agenda is that they consider homosexuality as part of who a person is or part of their “genetic makeup”.  The Christian perspective of homosexuality does not support this view.  It presents homosexuality as a behavior or action just as fornication and adultery are behaviors and actions.  Also, the Christian perspective is that these behaviors are changeable; even though the behavior may be difficult to change. 
Telling youth who engage in homosexual acts to continue doing so will do nothing to solve the inherent problems associated with homosexuality such as disease and death.  
Mark Price  
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Re: Alternative Catholic Media Holding Hierarchy’s Feet to the Fire of Orthodoxy  

Those of us who are Catholics are required by the Second Vatican Council to learn about our faith, to study it, and to know it. This is not simply advice, it is a requirement. We are also required to follow the teachings of the church as presented in the church documents, the Catechism, and the Code of Canon Law. Again, this is not a suggestion, it is the minimum required of us as Catholic laity. 
When we read Canon Law, we discover that: 
” Can. 212. 3. According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons.” 
Post Vatican 2 Catholic laymen and laywomen have no choice but to tell the truth, under obedience to the Church. It is not an option, it is a duty. I wish it was an option, life would be easier. 
Of course, when we do so, we find that there are many in the hierarchy that want to return to a time when the laity were ignorant and kept quiet. These pre-Vatican 2 types want us to stop telling the truth about abortion, or those churchmen who abuse their power and influence by insulting members of the laity as we do what the Church has repeatedly instructed us to do. 
So, to all those pastors who want the laity to keep quiet and only speak when spoken to, please read the documents of Vatican 2: even if we wanted to stop telling the truth about abortion, those of us who are Catholic are not allowed by our religion to do so. 
David Beresford  
Lakefield Ontario


I am in agreement with Michael Voris in that calling Orthodox Catholics “Taliban Catholics” is an insult.  Plain and simple, it is an insult. 

The test is this “Is Michael Voris telling the truth?”   If not, where? Is anything Voris is saying any lies?  If so, where?  Is Voris even speaking in enraged tones of voice like a hitler?  If so, show me! 

Seems to me that certain Liberals have a startlingly wrongful understanding of what true charity is!  

Please notice the form of attack on Voris is to attack the man,  NOT to go after the truth of the things he's saying.  If he were untruthful it would be a simple thing to silence him, or to correct him publicly and take down his reputation. 

Theresa Henderson  
Lake Orion, michigan


Re: White Ribbon against Pornography Awareness Week – October 31 to November 7  

I appreciated Lifesite's article 'White Ribbon against Pornography Awareness Week' – October 31 to November 7', and John Henry Westen's comments on the subject of pornography in his talk at the International Pro-life Conference. There is another very important aspect to porn addition that is not being addressed enough and may be part of what initiates men and young boys to seek porn.  In fact, the emblem 'WRAP' being used for the awareness week symbolizes it well. Women and young girls are dressing immodestly.

I am continually shocked by the inappropriate attire of women and young girls, even so-called Christian girls today.  They are dressing immodestly, and refuse to even consider the scandal this is causing to the young and older men in their midst.  This summer I commented to many young women about their inappropriate attire.  The response was the same for almost all of them. They ignored my comment and then started to ignore me; once friendly now barley civil.

Cleavage showing, skin tight tops and pants, and very short skirts.  How do I know this is causing scandal for the young men?  They have in fact told me they avoid contact with these girls.  What I notice happens though, after the  
young men have distanced themselves from these girls for a short period of time, is they eventually acquiesce and melt into the group.

How many young man without the initial resolve are stimulated into seeking out more images on cyber space?  I personally would love to see this issue addressed.  The girls are more concerned with vanity than the allurement and  
stimulation their skimpy attire is causing the men in their midst.  We need an awareness week for girls on the subject of immodest dress.  I suggest in March and April before they begin another summer of skimpy attire.

Leeda Crawford  
Toronto, Ontario


Re: Why is the Church Afraid of Modesty? 
Thank you for the “modesty in dress” commentary by Randy Alcorn.  It is so very distracting to see women as lectors or Eucharistic Ministers, who are wearing clothing which is tight/low-cut/too short, etc.  There needs to be clear guidelines, which are ENFORCED, because too many women don't understand.

Paul Dwyer  

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