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Help therapist being attacked by Southern Poverty Law Center: LifeFunder

IRELAND (LifeSiteNews) – A “gay rights” organization in Ireland has been described as a “far-right hate and extremist” group because of its allegedly “anti-transgender” ideology – reflecting further polarization among the pro-LGBT left.

Those fiery descriptions came from a report by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE), which listed the group – known as LGB Alliance (LGBA) – alongside Irish entities like the Iona Institute and Irish Freedom Party.

Titled “Irish Far-Right Hate and Extremist Groups,” Sunday’s report argues that “[s]ince 2016 Ireland’s far-right extremist scene has consisted largely of the white nationalist National Party as well as anti-LGBTQI organizations whose roots lie in social conservatism, something that is not surprising given Ireland’s deep Catholic roots.”

LGBA, which argues that sex is binary, has chided “transgender” advocates. It has been blamed for the United Kingdom’s exclusion of “trans” individuals from the country’s so-called “conversion therapy” ban. On its website, LGBA asserts the “reality of biology” and states “that (for the vast majority of people) sex is determined at conception, observed at birth (or in utero), and recorded.”

The organization adds that they “stand with lesbians in rejecting pressure to accept as sexual partners, or admit into lesbian spaces, males who define themselves as women. We stand with gay men in rejecting pressure to accept as sexual partners, or admit into gay men’s spaces, females who define themselves as men.”

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PETITION: Fight back against Minneapolis teachers union's woke racism!
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With kids in schools across America being used as pawns to advance the radical left's woke political agenda, the Minneapolis Teachers Union has taken this effort to a new low, now blatantly targeting white teachers specifically because of the color of their skin.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition to Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT), along with the leaders of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and Minneapolis Public Schools, expressing your disgust with the union's illegal, unconstitutional embrace of reverse racism in their bargaining practices!

Thirty-thousand students were forced out of the classroom this past spring when the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers went on a strike for nearly three weeks, demanding higher pay, reduced class sizes, and increased diversity in hiring practices, among other things.

The strike finally came to an end on March 25th when the union and Minneapolis Public Schools reached a tentative new contract agreement addressing many of the members' concerns, but one particular provision was eventually identified for its inherently problematic embrace of blatant, race-based discrimination...

The new agreement stipulates that, going forward, white teachers will be LAID OFF first as a means to advance the liberal MFT's "diversity" agenda.

This plan completely disregards attributes such as seniority, qualifications, or job performance, and, instead, values teachers' general worthiness to sustain their livelihood based on their skin color alone -- a glaringly racist, discriminatory practice that goes hand-in-hand with the woke left's agenda of hate, division, and indoctrination in our children's schools.

Not only is this alarmingly regressive, it is also illegal AND unconstitutional.

The MFT's agreement with Minneapolis Public Schools is a clear violation of both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (which "prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin") and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (which requires all citizens to be treated equally under the law, and remain free from discriminatory policies that seek to harm them based on personal characteristics like race).

But if a major teachers union can somehow justify and openly endorse such a bold-faced transgression against a specific race without consequence, anyone can (and eventually will) try to do the same, and it's only a matter of time until a regressive racial policy like this affects YOU.

While the MFT's latest move may be racist towards white teachers, specifically, it could ultimately prove a bellwether for similar policies in other cities and states that may seek to discriminate against those of other races, as well.

No American (be they a teacher, or anything else) should be judged by such attributes; rather, it is the content of their character, and, in this case, their professional abilities, qualifications, and experience, that should determine their value in the workplace.

Anything less would be a grave injustice, but that's exactly what liberal teachers unions like the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers are attempting to do.

This is not only a dangerous precedent to set, but a patently un-American one, and it's time for men and women of all races, in every corner of our country, to take a stand and say "ENOUGH'S ENOUGH!"

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition to the MFT, AFT, and Minneapolis Public Schools expressing your opposition to their racist, un-American agreement targeting white teachers simply for being white, and let them know. that you stand against ALL forms of woke racism in education and the workplace!

This agreement is a slap in the face to everything America is all about, and harkens back to a much darker period in our history which we should've turned away from a long time ago.

But with so-called "progressives" more concerned with being "woke" than upholding core American values, no workplace -- not even our schools -- is safe for anyone.

Let the MFT, AFT, and Minneapolis Public Schools know that the American people oppose their attempts to divide us further by race, and that woke radicalism has no place in Minneapolis classrooms, or any American classroom!

Thank you!

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In recent years, LGBA has encountered opposition from tech companies and members of the U.K. government. GPAHE’s report highlights how Twitter removed one of LGBA’s tweets arguing that “adding the + to LGB gives the green light to paraphilias like bestiality – and more – to all be part of one big happy ‘rainbow family.’”

LGB Alliance did not immediately respond to LifeSite’s request for comment but it has defended itself online.

“We fully support trans people in their struggle, for dignity, respect and a life lived free from bigotry and fear,” the group says on its website. “We believe that the issues and priorities for people who are attracted to the same sex (homosexual/bisexual) are different from those of transgender people, and so, with a number of organisations focused on trans people and trans issues, our focus is simply on lesbians, gay men, and bisexual people instead.”

GPAHE’s report comes after certain feminists and other left-leaning advocates have faced intense backlash for their stance on “transgender” issues. Perhaps most notable was the tide of resentment author J.K. Rowling faced online for her comments about single-sex spaces and potential dangers the “trans” movement poses for women and girls.

GPHAE’s website states that it was founded by two former employees of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which routinely labels American conservative organizations as “hate” groups. It previously attacked two ministries – Help4Families and Living Stone Ministries – designed to help individuals struggling with gender and sexuality issues. Those organizations were censored on Facebook – something both the ministries’ founder and GPHAE attribute to the left-wing group’s actions. The group also took credit for the “deplatforming” of several other “anti-LGBTQ” organizations.

Help therapist being attacked by Southern Poverty Law Center: LifeFunder