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 Sam Brinton, Twitter

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – Months after an LGBT activist and “puppy play” enthusiast’s radical background first raised eyebrows, he formally assumed office as the Biden administration’s new Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition.

In February, it was revealed that Sam Brinton has been chosen to oversee nuclear waste disposal in the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy (ONE). Brinton’s technical qualifications for the post were not in dispute; he holds a dual Master’s degree from MIT in engineering systems and nuclear science and engineering, and has experience consulting on nuclear energy issues. But other aspects of his biography raised questions as to the real reason for his hiring.

Brinton, a drag enthusiast who uses the handle “Sister Ray Dee O’Active,” also worked as an adviser to the Obama administration on LGBT issues and an activist for campaigns to ban voluntary counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction. He was the self-described “slutty one” in the D.C.-based drag queen group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and openly discussed his experience as a “handler” in “puppy play,” a fetish that involves pretending to be dogs. Photos depict him standing over kneeling men in leather dog masks, one of whom is wearing a leash Brinton is holding.

On June 29, Brinton announced on Twitter that he formally began his new role on June 19 but waited to go public with the news allegedly over concern about “more than a hundred death threats.” He clarified that he was not personally appointed by President Joe Biden but had been hired through the Senior Executive Service, and framed his hiring as a victory for LGBT “Pride.”

In an interview in February with the Ruth Institute’s Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, behavioral analyst Susan Constantine questioned the veracity of Brinton’s conversion therapy horror stories, which include claims of being tortured with heat coils, electric shocks, and pinpricks.

“Most people will kind of pepper in untruths with truths,” she said. “So did he go to a therapist? Well, we couldn’t find the therapist. Number one, we couldn’t even find the location. He couldn’t remember the name. All of these things just didn’t even make any sense. So he could have had some experience that he or someone else maybe had or read about. And he literally put himself in that place.

“So in other words, he’s telling somebody else’s story. Yes. OK. So, you know, did it really occur? Well, based on the analysis, there was too many indicators that he was being deceptive and so many areas that his whole entire story just fell apart. It was just, it just fell apart, but he was being truthful when he was talking about this relationship that he had with his father.”

Constantine surmised that Brinton really was traumatized by his father, which “had to have been extreme, which I think threw him down this trajectory in his life … these are wounded people who do things that are harmful to themselves. So, I mean, I have empathy for him, but where I draw the line is that, how many people he has been duping to serve an agenda. And I also think that there is a bigger piece here that the LGBTQ is using him as a poster child.”

Brinton’s hiring is only the latest manifestation of the Biden administration’s promotion of gender-fluidity in every aspect of government, up to and including taking the position that surgically and chemically “transitioning” children is a “best practice.”