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(LifeSiteNews) — A group of student volunteers peacefully demonstrating against the radical LGBT indoctrination of children were assaulted by angry leftists this week.

On Monday, volunteers with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) Student Action advocacy group were attacked by LGBT activists, damaging the students’ signs and striking the quiet protesters with beverages and paint.

“Young volunteers with TFP Student Action were assaulted on July 24 while conducting a peaceful event ‘to protect the innocence of children’ in front of the Art Institute of Chicago,” a July 27 press release from the organization reads. “LGBT advocates poured coffee on them, defaced pro-family banners and signs, destroyed private property, and sprayed them in the face with toxic paint.”

More than nine minutes of video footage of the event, filmed by TFP Student Action, shows that the signs they carried included the messages “Honk! Against LGBT grooming of children” and “Honk! Stop promoting LGBT lifestyle to kids.”

An angry activist can be seen lunging toward a large banner and spray painting it while the Catholics protesting LGBT indoctrination can be heard reciting the Hail Mary. The front of the banner reads, “Preserve our children’s innocence. Stop the sexualization of children,” alongside an image of Jesus with a young child.

When TFP volunteers began standing between the activist and the banner, pushing her back with their signs in defense, she began spray painting people as well as property, saying, “I will keep attacking you until you leave.” Another man comes to her defense, engaging in unintelligible dialogue with one of the students until he aggressively shoves the TFP volunteer, coffee spilling over the sign.

Eventually, police arrived and a member of TFP Student Action can be heard saying, “We do want to press assault charges.”

Passersby responded with both support and backlash, with those opposed demanding that the pro-family advocates “stop spreading hate.” When one told an LGBT activist that “drag queen story time is grooming children three to six years old,” he was mocked and told to “grow the f*** up.”

Others interrupted the recitation of the Rosary to shout that “LGBT rights are human rights” and one man called to the volunteers that he would “see you in hell.” Another said, directly into the camera, “I hope you f***ing die, you Christian fascist f***.”

After defending the acceptance of homosexuality with the words of Jesus, “love thy neighbor,” the activist went on to tell the volunteers that they “will die a lonely death” and that “Jesus does not love you.”

However, not everyone was against the message being spread by TFP Student Action. Throughout the video, car horns are heard, responding in support of the witness. One woman stopped to thank the group for their work, explaining that she is a math teacher who isn’t permitted to give a student over the counter pain medication for a headache but is forced to watch kids be given irreversible puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones by society.

After the assaults occurred, a taxi driver approached the group and, after taking a picture with them, volunteered to hold one of their signs.

“God created man to be a man and woman to be a woman,” he said. “They’re going to sexualize our kids. That’s insane, my friend.”

Leading a group of TFP volunteers touring the Midwest is Rex Teodosio, who was present during Monday’s incident. He explained that “too many public schools and libraries have turned into dens of sin where minors are fed outrageous, inappropriate, and immoral material,” which led to the start of “this peaceful campaign to protect the innocence of our children.”

“Getting hit in the face with spray paint is not pleasant,” Teodosio said, per the press release. “My eyes are stinging, inflamed and bloodshot … But the sacrifice is all worth it because I know I’m building a culture that protects the innocence of children and shields them from grooming and corruption.”

“Our team is motivated. Our cause is noble. And we won’t stop fighting for the innocence of our children.”

This is not the first time that TFP volunteers have publicly defended traditional morality and received backlash for their pro-family witness. In April 2022, students at Georgetown University cursed and spat on the volunteers in rejection of transgender ideology contradicting the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Prior to the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade last June, young members gathered to pray for the unborn. The group has also publicly rejected the trend to establish “After School Satan Clubs” in public schools across the country.


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