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SWIFT CURRENT, Saskatchewan (LifeSiteNews) — Despite successfully getting police to open an investigation into the matter, LGBT activist groups failed to cancel a series of two pro-family events in Saskatchewan opposing the gender mutilation of children. 

Earlier this week, LGBT activists reportedly spoke to local Saskatchewan media and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in an attempt to have two pro-family events featuring Dr. Ann Gillies, a retired psychotherapist and trauma specialist, canceled. In spite of their efforts, the events occurred as planned with Gillies calling them resounding “successes.”

“After receiving multiple reports of concern from citizens, the Swift Current City RCMP shared officers are currently investigating the function,” an article published last Friday in the Swift Current Online attested.  

The two-day event, called “A Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Public Forum – Protect All Children,” featured Gillies and speaker and author Wilna van Beek. The events took place in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and were arranged by the Freedom Patriots of Saskatchewan.  

Gillies’ lawyer, James Kitchen, told LifeSiteNews that despite the hubbub caused by LGBT groups, he doubts the RCMP will ever contact Gillies.   

“The RCMP is getting more and more politicized by the day,” he said. “But I still I’d be surprised if they actually did, because typically they will say stuff like that to please or appease the LGBT community, and it’s really pretty painfully obvious from the outset that there’s nothing actually credibly worth investigating.”  

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition condemned the RCMP’s reported involvement with investigating the event.  

“Every Saskatchewanian should be outraged and alarmed that the RCMP is investigating free Canadians for expressing opinions that may run contrary to the policies of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal regime,” he told LifeSiteNews.  

“Is this what our once noble mounted police force has become?” he questioned. “A Gestapo-like censorship division who perceive their role as stamping out any political or moral opinions that Justin Trudeau and his army of LGBT activists don’t like?”  

“There is nothing criminal or potentially criminal in pointing out the harms of transgender ideology, chemical castration and genital surgical mutilation, which we can reasonably presume Dr. Gillies and Wilna Van Beek will be discussing,” he added.  

“Both the RCMP and the LGBT lobby knows there is nothing illegal in their speeches, and they are just acting like totalitarian thugs, to suppress the rights of people they disagree with,” he continued.   

The Swift Current Online further quoted Southwest Saskatchewan Pride Board member Shaun Hanna who said, “Miss Gillies has been denounced by both the courts and by the Psychological Association of Alberta as being an unaccredited, unlicensed individual spouting openly hostile, transphobic garbage.”  

Gillies responded to the claim, saying, “Their information is wrong as I have been a registered marriage and family therapist with the AAMFT [American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy] for over 20 years.”  

Another local outlet, the Southwest Booster, also published an article blasting Gillies and her events with the headline, “Conversion therapist threatens public safety in SK.”  

The report published the comments of Ariana Giroux, Executive Director of UR Pride Centre for Sexuality & Gender Diversity, who called Gillies a “proponent of hateful anti-trans rhetoric” and “a known practitioner of conversion ‘therapy’ – a torturous and immensely harmful practice outlawed by the Federal Government”.  

Gillies chose to take legal action against both Hanna’s and Giroux’s statements by sending demands that they stop their defamatory statements through her lawyer, Kitchen.   

“Hate speech is a criminal offense in Canada,” the letter to Giroux viewed by LifeSiteNews warned. “Falsely accusing someone of committing unlawful acts is a classic example of a defamatory statement. Accusing Dr. Gillies of uttering hateful content is demonstrably false, clearly intended to harm her reputation, and therefore actionable defamation.”  

Kitchen pointed out that Gillies does not practice “conversion therapy,” adding that Giroux’s “outrageous and reckless accusation Dr. Gillies practices an illegal modality is also intended to harm her reputation and is therefore unlawful defamation.” 

The letter demanded that Giroux stop making “any public statements identical to or substantiality similar to the above.”  

Despite the attempts of the LGBT mob, Gillies told LifeSiteNews that both events were “huge successes.”   

Gillies told LifeSiteNews that the Tuesday event was “well attended and very successful, probably one of the best events I’ve ever spoken at, which was incredible.”   

While the Tuesday event went off without any backlash, LGBT activists blocked the doors to the Wednesday event before finally moving to the sidewalk.  

Gillies revealed that she invited the protestors to come inside to listen to the talk, but they declined, telling her “we don’t need any information.” 

Gillies recalled that even with the presence of protesters, after she spoke there was a “spontaneous ovation.”