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GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (LifeSiteNews) — Popular sports bar and arcade franchise Dave and Buster’s drew backlash late last month after it was listed as a bar sponsor for a “pride” event set to feature a drag show by “youth entertainers.”

Over the weekend, the LGBT group organizing the event posted updated advertising to social media removing reference to Dave and Buster’s and altering the name of its “youth entertainers” time slot.

According to the group’s social media posts, the Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Pride Alive event will be held September 22-23 at the Brown County Fair Grounds just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It’s slated to feature numerous drag shows and LGBT band performances.

NEW Pride Alive, which started as “Rainbow Over Wisconsin” in 1996, puts on a bevy of events throughout the year including a “family-friendly pride event” that “features fireworks, live music, a local history exhibit, drag performances, and more…”

The organization’s Friday, September 22, event will be open only to people ages 21 and older, but Saturday’s is set to be open to all ages. 

Social media posts early last month indicated the Saturday event would also include a drag show by “youth entertainers.” Popular Dallas-based restaurant and video arcade franchise Dave and Buster’s was listed as the bar sponsor for the pro-LGBT festivities.

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LifeSiteNews reached out to Dave and Buster’s and NEW Pride for confirmation and comment but has not heard back.

On Sunday, updated advertisements posted to the LGBT organization’s website and Facebook do not contain mention of Dave & Buster’s. The “youth entertainers” performance scheduled for September 23 is also now described as an “Up and Coming” drag show.

The LGBT event and its apparent affiliation with Dave and Buster’s had prompted outcry on social media, including calls to boycott the popular restaurant after conservative account Libs of TikTok posted the group’s advertisement on Twitter/X.

Scarlett Johnson, a member of the parental rights group Moms for Liberty, said that “[c]oncerned citizens in Brown County are trying to get this [Dave and Buster’s] sponsored Drag Queen Show that INCLUDES CHILDREN shut down.”

According to Johnson, opponents of the event “want to put enough pressure on them to at least make this event ‘adults only.’”

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Podcaster Robby Starbuck recommended that Dave and Buster’s be given “the BudLight treatment” for its apparent affiliation with the event.

As LifeSiteNews has reported, Bud Light’s sales sharply nosedived and consistently plummeted after the company’s disastrous April decision to team up for a promotional video with gender-confused TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, leading conservatives to hail the boycott as among the most effective in recent memory.

LifeSiteNews reached out again to Dave and Buster’s and NEW Pride Alive for clarification as to whether the originally-advertised sponsorship has been canceled, but did not immediately receive a response.