OTTAWA, Jan 27 (LifeSiteNews) – Liberal MP Tom Wappel has responded publicly to a recent statement made by homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson, defending his treatment of Father Tony Van Hee who pickets Parliament Hill with signs condemning abortion and homosexuality. New Democrat MP, Mr. Robinson, billed Van Hee’s anti-homosexuality signs as hate mongering rather than lawful religious expression.

Mr. Wappel countered that “Mr. Robinson’s letter is nothing but insulting to Father Van Hee and to all with a view contrary to that of Mr. Robinson. If one believes in freedom of religion, one must acknowledge that most, if not all the world’s religions view homosexual acts as abnormal and sinful. For someone of those religions to state this publicly is merely an affirmation of one of the tenets of that person’s religion.”

Mr. Wappel also took the opportunity to draw attention to Mr. Robinson’s Private Member’s Bill C-263, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (hate propaganda), which he said would usher Canada into “the ranks of the nations and societies that persecute people on the basis of their religious beliefs.” Concluding, he adds: “I want no part of a ‘country’ such as that.”