Liberal Campaign Caught Falsely Accusing Conservative Candidate of Sexual Abuse

By John-Henry Westen

OTTAWA, January 19, 2006 ( - The Liberal Campaign in the Saskatoon-Wanuskewin riding of Saskatchewan has reached a boiling point after the campaign office was caught calling in to a television show falsely accusing the Conservative candidate of sexual abuse. Tuesday night on Shaw Cable, a caller phoned in falsely accusing front-runner Conservative incumbent MP Maurice Vellacott of sexually assaulting his church secretary at North Park Church.

Vellacott has never been accused by any woman of sexual assault and was never a Pastor at North Park Church. Bishop Jerold Gliege former long-term Pastor of North Park Church and now of Holy Covenant Orthodox Church, confirms that Vellacott never served there. Gliege says, “Vellacott is an upstanding, honourable man who has served this Saskatoon-Wanuskewin constituency very diligently.” Bishop Gliege suggests that Vellacott is being targeted with slander due to his pro-life and family views. “Because he is an articulate defender of life, marriage and family, he is the target of attacks by those who have differing views,” he said.

Vellacott responded quickly to the televised accusation by looking directly into the camera, stating to the technicians that he needed to get the name and phone number of that caller for defamation proceedings.

Chris AxworthyAfter the cable show ended, Vellacott was handed the requested phone number by Shaw Cable producer Gracie Field. Upon arrival back at his campaign office he was told that a person had reported in and was confident that the accusers voice was that of a friend of Liberal candidate Chris Axworthy. When the (306) 956-2570 number provided by the Shaw Cable staff member was dialed, it was found to be Chris Axworthy’s campaign office phone number. The same number is also listed as the main campaign office number on the website of the Liberal Party of Canada here:

Vellacott says this is typical of nation-wide sleazy Liberal tactics in the dying days of their desperate campaign. After this kind of “evil” tactic, Vellacott predicts that Axworthy will be damaged irreparably and unable to pursue public office again in this province.

Vellacott challenges Paul Martin to distance himself “from Axworthy and such sleazy, corrupt, dishonest actions so typical of the Liberal Party across the country over the last number of years”.

Axworthy’s campaign office would not comment to for this story , but noted that Mr. Axworthy would call back with a comment. No call from Axworthy was received.

Shaw Cable Program Manager Jim Mattern said that the station would not release video or audio of the incident but did say that Mr. Vellacott was given a tape and could release it if he wished. Mr. Vellacott is considering releasing the tape but is concerned about the impact it may have on a defamation suit he intends to pursue.

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