MONTREAL, May 30 ( – LifeSite has discovered that Sheila Copps, the federal Minister of Canadian Heritage has given 10,000 taxpayer dollars to the 2000 edition of the Montreal Fringe Festival to take place from June 9 to 18, in Montreal. The scandal of such frivolous use of public monies is compounded by the fact that the festival is pornographic and attacks traditional sensibilities.

The festival productions include:  Burning Sensation, a telethon for crotch rot, with Bob Loblaw June 11 P.S. 69 – a “tale of a New York City public school substitute teacher/exotic dancer”  SMACKED..GRASSED..CRACKED which offers discounts to “queens in drag” (and other descriptions too rude for mention) and which restricts attendance to exclude, “UNCOOL, ignorant bastards,  beaches + gaybashers.”

Contact Information:

Minister Copps
[email protected]

Heritage critic Inky Mark
[email protected]

See the Montreal Fringe Festival website .