OTTAWA, August 18, 2003 ( – Liberal MP Tom Wappel has urged concerned citizens to take immediate action to protect traditional marriage, but more urgently to protect free speech from the passage of hate crime Bill C-250 which threatens to squelch it.  “While this letter deals specifically with the issue of actions to take to preserve the traditional definition of marriage,” writes Wappel, “much of the advice is equally applicable to Bill C-250, although on a much more urgent basis, as it is scheduled to be voted on at third and final reading on September 18, 2003.”  Wappel says citizens must contact their own MPs and demand to know where they stand on the issue, letting them know that their votes will be determined by how they vote on bill C-250 and the marriage issue.  Bill C-250, proposed by homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson seeks to add “sexual orientation” as a protected ground in federal hate crime legislation.  Legal commentators have warned that such a move would severely curtail free speech on the subject of homosexuality.  See the complete list of Mr. Wappel’s action items and his letter: