OTTAWA, Mar 1 ( – In a shocking statement in Question Period today, Jim Peterson,  Secretary of State for International Financial Institutions, defended Liberal discrimination against stay at home parents by saying that single-income families don’t do as much work.

The Liberals have been under attack from Reform MPs for the past two days over tax discrimination against single income families. Yesterday, Liberals fended off Reform’s accusations by arguing that tax credits exist which single income families can take advantage of to mitigate the effects of the discrimination.

Today, however, Jim Peterson, a high-profile Toronto-area Liberal went to the heart of the matter by admitting the Liberal government’s ideological assumption that stay-at-home parents do not contribute as much to society as do dual-income families and day care centres.

Answering a question from Reform MP Dick Harris, Mr. Peterson said: “One thing we have to recognize is that if we have two members of a particular family who are both working, first of all they are putting in twice the working hours, but they also have close to twice the expenses: the work related expenses of clothes and travel and the expenses of not having someone at home doing the housework. There are added expenses with more than one person in a household working.”