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OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — A Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) bill championed by party leader Pierre Poilievre that would have given Canadians back their “bodily autonomy” by banning future jab mandates was voted down yesterday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and all other parties rejected it.

With 114 votes for to 205 against, Bill C-278, or “An Act to prevent the imposition by the federal government of vaccination mandates for employment and travel” was defeated at second reading.

All Liberal, Bloc, Green, and NDP MPs voted against the bill, with 114 CPC MPs voting in favor. Three Liberal, one Conservative, and one Bloc MPs abstained from voting.

Bill C-278 was heavily promoted by Poilievre and was introduced to the House of Commons by him in June 2022. The bill was also recently sponsored by CPC MP Dean Allison.

The bill would have banned any future government from imposing COVID jab mandates on its workers and for travel.

CPC MP Leslyn Lewis, who was one of the few party MPs who spoke out against COVID jab mandates, thanked Poilievre and Allison for standing up for the vaccine free.

“Thank you @PierrePoilievre& @DeanAllisonMP for standing up for the freedom of Canadians,” Lewis wrote on X (formerly Twitter) yesterday.

“The response to COVID-19 saw indefensible gov’t overreach, limiting the freedom of Canadians based on personal medical choices. This Conservative bill ensures never again should Canadians be used & divided for political gain.”

On Tuesday in the House of Commons, while speaking about Bill C-278, Poilievre blasted Trudeau for his draconian 2021 COVID workplace and travel mandates.

“He [Trudeau] had the temerity to go on television about three months ago and claim he had never forced anyone to get vaccinated, that he claims that it should be a matter of personal choice,” Poilievre said.

“He wanted us all to forget the way he divided and insulted and named, called millions of people right across this country, patriotic, law-abiding, decent people.”

Allison also tore a page out of the Trudeau Liberals, saying the “Liberal government insulted, punished and discriminated against more than six million Canadians for more than two years.”

“I don’t believe we can move on from what took place during the pandemic until there is accountability,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter) yesterday.

Poilievre said while speaking in favor of the bill on Tuesday that Trudeau “really believes he never forced mandates on anyone,” so it must mean he can surely “be happy to vote for this bill to ensure that those mandates don’t apply anymore and will never be reimposed again.”

In April, Trudeau came under fire after claiming he did not “force” anyone to take the COVID-19 shots.

In October 2021, Trudeau announced unprecedented COVID-19 jab mandates for all federal workers and those in the transportation sector and said the unjabbed would no longer be able to travel by air, boat, or train both domestically and internationally.

This policy resulted in thousands losing their jobs or being placed on leave for non-compliance. It also trapped “unvaccinated” Canadians in the country.

During the so-called COVID pandemic, Trudeau referred to those who chose not to get the experimental COVID shots as terrible people.

In 2021, Trudeau said Canadians “vehemently opposed to vaccination” do “not believe in science,” are “often misogynists, often racists,” and even questioned whether Canada should continue to “tolerate these people.”

Last November, Trudeau denied calling “unvaccinated” Canadians names despite video footage of the 2021 remarks.