TORONTO, June 24, 2003 ( – Canada’s liberal rabbis are being challenged to justify their support for same-sex “marriage.” Not surprisingly, Reform and Reconstructionist Jews are largely in favour, while Orthodox Jews tend to be opposed.  “Among [liberal] rabbis in the coalition, there’s a diversity of opinion as to whether to officiate at same-sex ceremonies,” said Rabbi Debra Landsberg, a spokesman for liberal Jews. “But all of us were able to agree that the civil law should be based on equality.”  Rabbi David Novak, a professor at the University of Toronto, explained that marriage is the union of man and woman and derives from the biblical commandment to be fruitful and multiply. “Show me one classical Jewish source to show what they are advocating is justified,” he said. The normative Jewish view is that homosexual practices are forbidden to both Jews and non-Jews.  For more details: