Liberal reporter wants to ‘expose Christian schools.’ Alums are not having it

Liberal hostility to Karen Pence results in a new backlash against the media.
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By Brittany M. Hughes

By Brittany M. Hughes

February 4, 2019 (MRCTV) – Dan Levin, a New York Times reporter, put out a blast on Twitter asking for personal stories for a piece he's writing about a campaign to "#ExposeChristianSchools," a new social media tirade that's taken off in the wake of recent "news" that for the past 12 years, Second Lady Karen Pence has been teaching art at a private D.C. school that doesn't accept homosexual behavior in keeping with their Christian faith.

Levin posted on Twitter Thursday:

And it's pretty safe to say, people weren't having it.

As of Friday morning, Levin's tweet had garnered more than 8,500 responses compared with only 1,700 "likes," a phenomenon commonly referred to on Twitter as a "ratio" that indicates a tweet isn't being very well received.

Now, to be fair, Levin didn't necessarily say flat-out that he's planning to write negatively about the social media campaign or Christian schools in general. However, given the New York Times' less-than-flattering coverage of Ms. Pence's volunteer activities – and Levin's suggestively-worded request for personal accounts – it's fair to assume a heavily biased approach is forthcoming.

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