By Gudrun Schultz

OTTAWA, Ontario, January 11, 2006 ( – Conservative candidate Rondo Thomas is being criticized by the federal Liberals for his opposition to gay ‘marriage,’ which they label as “hatred.”

Thomas, a pastor with the Toronto Christian Center, spoke on the inevitable conflict between opposing sides in the marriage debate, at a pro-marriage rally on Feb.19, 2005.

“There is going to be a clash of morality views between those who believe in righteousness and those who believe in immorality and when we collide there is going to be conflict,’’ he said at that rally.
  The Liberals say his comments there demonstrate “intolerant views about same-sex relationships and homosexuality.’’
  Mark Holland, the Liberal candidate who is competing with Thomas for the riding of Ajax-Pickering, said on his Liberal website, he was disturbed by “hatred” in Thomas’ speech, seen on video. Holland referred to Thomas as an “extremist,” and said he knew there were others like him in the Conservative party.

In fact, over 20 Liberal MP’s openly oppose gay marriage. 32 Liberal MP’s voted against Bill C-38, the bill to redefine the definition of marriage, in June 2005.

On Feb. 18, 2005, Liberal MP Tom Wappel defended the traditional definition of marriage in the House of Commons, saying:

“My position is firm and unalterable. I will do all I can as an individual to try to preserve and promote the only definition of marriage I know. I ask the Parliament of Canada to defeat this legislation and ensure that marriage remains between one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others.”

MP Wappel referred to Bill C-38 as “a sham and a hoax on parliamentarians and Canadians.”

Some Liberal candidates who were vocal in their defense of traditional marriage at the time Bill C-38 was passed have dramatically altered their position on the issue. This raises questions that the Liberal party is not allowing candidates to express their personal views.

Multicultural Minister Raymond Chan advocated using the notwithstanding clause to prevent the passage of Bill C-38, according to an April edition of the World Journal, a Chinese-language newspaper in Vancouver.

Now, he denies making that statement, and Liberal party headquarters have issued a new statement quoting Chan as saying: “I have never been willing to use the notwithstanding clause to deny same-sex couples the charter right to marry.” The reporter who originally covered that story for the World Journal dismisses Chan’s reversal and stands by his account. (Vancouver Sun)

Mark Hollands’ attack on RondoThomas patterns attacks levied by PM Martin against Conservative party leader Stephen Harper. In an election debate December 16, the PM Martin attacked Harper for his support of traditional marriage, suggesting his beliefs made him unfit to lead the country as Prime Minister.

Archbishop Brendan O’Brien, of the St. John’s diocese in Newfoundland-Labrador, spoke with LifeSiteNews yesterday. He said the Church’s position is just the opposite.

“We believe people have to act on their principles and beliefs, they have to act with conviction, not tailor [beliefs] to suit the public. The problem today is that people are cynical regarding politicians, they have a perception that they pander to everyone.”

Catholic Prime Minister Berates Opposition Leader for Non-Support of Gay “Marriage”

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