OTTAWA, Feb 16 (LifeSiteNews) – LifeSite has learned that the Canadian government legislation which would give practicing homosexuals all significant benefits of marriage is scheduled to continue second reading debate on Monday, February 21. Parliamentary insiders informed LifeSite that the government may also invoke closure Monday on Bill C-23 (The Modernization of Benefits and Obligations Act). The legislation would then be moved to committee and according to Peter Stock of the Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) could be voted on as early Thursday of next week.

The Globe and Mail today notes that the Prime Minister is not going to respect the consciences of Liberal MP’s by allowing a free vote on the issue.  “Mr. Chretien had been considering allowing MPs to vote with their conscience on the controversial issue, but he told reporters outside cabinet yesterday that he’d decided against it,” reported the Globe. Laughably,  Chretien went on to feign fairness as he said of pro-family MP’s within his party, “if there are some who abstain [on the vote], we understand.”“I’ve given more freedom to my MPs than   all my predecessors, and in certain cases I’ve shown a lot of flexibility, and I’ve shown it in this one,” added Chretien.  This totally contradicts the fact that he has prohibited his MP’s from voting against it.

All pro-family groups in the country are urging supporters to contact their MP’s immediately with their concerns. Dr. James Dobson, Founder and President of Focus on the Family and Dr.  Darrel Reid, President of Focus on the Family Canada discussed the federal same-sex omnibus legislation (Bill C-23) on today’s broadcast of the Focus on the Family radio program. They were joined by Gwen Landolt, Vice-president of REAL Women Canada.  The broadcast explains how this bill attacks marriage and the traditional family.  A Real Audio version of the broadcast will be available soon here.

In a press release yesterday, REAL Women of Canada noted that Justice Minister Anne McLellan’s same-sex legislation directly contradicts the findings of the poll her own department requested Angus Reid to conduct last June. The poll found that: “57% of Canadians believe that benefits should be based solely on economic dependence and need, not sexual activity,  even if this means extra cost to the taxpayer” and that “67% of Canadians believe that “marriage is the union of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others” and that the extension of benefits should take place only if this definition of marriage remains the law in Canada. “

Pro-family leaders urge those contacting MP’s on the issue to note that abstaining from the vote will in effect support the legislation. MP’s must be encouraged to vote against the legislation; thereby putting the good of the nation ahead of party dictates.

For a detailed Action Guide on the issue see Focus on the Family.

Bill C-23 is now available online